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Keep Track of Business Contacts, sales, emails and More with Insightly


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Having and managing a small business is no easy task. The time and hard work that is put into gaining new customers is the hardest part. Most companies spend tons of time and money gaining customers, no business much less a small one wants to lose customers.

Making a customer happy is the main goal. If they buy something, they are happy with your products/services and the way you handled customer service.. they will always come back. In most cases, these happy customers also refer in more customers.

HOW can you make your customers happy?

Communication, is the first step. Customers have questions, and they want to be reassured that their questions are going to be answered. They want to know if they have a problem, that they can effectively get ahold of your company and the problem is going to be resolved.


Insightly helps you effectively manage your contacts and emails. You can import your contacts in various ways; email, Excel, Outlook, and more! You can effectively look up a contact and email them back without sorting through a million other contacts. it will not only save you time, but you’ll be able to email your customers or business partner within seconds!


Insightly also gives you your own personal email mailbox. It will let you forward your emails with your customers or business partners, or even your suppliers to your Insightly mailbox. That way when you log-in to your account, everything is there. Everything you and that certain customer talked about.. that way you have updated records of everything right within reach!


What makes it even easier is the search feature. If you need to search for a certain customer to let them know their order is running behind. If you need to ask a certain question about an order.. just search for your customers name and it’s there! How easy is that?


Need to buy more fabric, ribbon, thread? Need to search a certain website for supplies? Need to get a certain order done within a very fast time period? Insightly also has a “task” tab. This is what I need most besides email import and searching. My to-list for my small business needs to be located within the same page as everything else, so it’s right in front of me. Keep organized and connected with Insightly!


Are you a small business owner that has a variety of projects running or that you need to begin at the same time? Insightly has a project tab as well. It even gives you the option of importing or exporting from Excel. If you have a list saved in Excel, it will take you no time to get up and running!

Do you have business partners? Or a Virtual Assistant? Invite them to your insightly. You can share the emails, the contacts, the tasks, and everything else. Of course, you can limit what they see. If you just want to share the projects with them? You can!

The best thing about Insightly? IT’S absolutely free! There is a paid version that will give you more features, more options, and certain things a free version can’t of course.



Get it! You can sign up for Insightly for FREE!

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