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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Motivate Your Kids to Read with BookBoard

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I have been a reader for as long as I can remember. Even when I was in first grade, I remember that I loved the excitement of opening a book and starting a new adventure. When I got into fourth grade, I was 2nd place in my entire school for reading level and reading the most books. My love for reading still continues. I bet I read more than 4-5 books a week. Bookboard can help your kids become interested in reading!

When you make reading fun, your kids will automatically want to learn. If you also throw positive reinforcement in there, they’ll want to learn even more. Perhaps a sticker of their choosing for every book they complete. After they get so many (depends on their age) they can turn the stickers into a present. A new DVD, a trip to the zoo, a toy? It’s all up to you, and them of course.
With BookBoard, it’s even easier to get them interested in reading. You can install the app on your Ipad and let them read away! Long trips, waiting at the dr, office, or just at home. There are over 400 books to unlock on Bookboard!
The Library..
We were always going to library on a weekly basis. My kids enjoy choosing their books, reading them with me, and returning them for more. Now, we don’t have to wait for our weekly trip to the library with so many different books at our fingertips!
I love once we signed up, I could create each of my kids their very own ID, with their nicknames and cute little icons beside their names to represent them. For each book they complete on Bookboards they unlock more books and earn personal achievements! That’s even more exciting than a sticker system!
I love that there is such a wide variety of books. Of course, boys and girls will like SOME similar books, but they also differ. It is more than likely that my son will love to read something with dinosaurs, airplanes, or cars, while my daughter would pick something like the Bernstein bears, Dora, or fairies.
Owning every single book that your child is interested in isn’t possible. That’s the reason we were always lending from the library even when they were very young. We did accidentally misplace one book, and another got juice on it from a spilled drink inside a backpack. With Bookboard, you don’t have to worry about paying for books to own or even if they get misplaced if they are owned by the library.
You should definitely check out their Top 15 Books of June 2013. These are books picked out by kids just like yours. These are the 15 top read books of last year, and there is a vast variety of different books. Learning about bullies, trucks, zoo’s, being fair, and more!

They even have a huge list of non-fiction books. I always try and throw a couple of the nonfiction in my kids reading list every week. So that they are learning about the world too. There are panda books, alphabet books, music and more!

About BookBoard
Designed to motivate your kids to read, Bookboard offers a digital library subscription with over 400 books for kids up to age 12 to discover, unlock, and collect.  The service grows with kids’ reading level and interests, and reinforces the experience of story time that instills a love of reading in kids.
This post was sponsored on behalf of BookBoard, all opinions are my own.

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