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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Leapfrog Pre K-K Early Learning Kit Review

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The kids and I have been extremely excited to let you guys in on a little secret. The time has come for us to share that little secret.. well it isn’t a secret- per say but it’s something really awesome. We’ve all used the Leapfrog battery operated toys (LeapPad/LeapPad2) and stuffed animals (Violet/Skip), but we didn’t know that they also had learning products made of paper as well.

Leapfrog has teamed up with Mega Brands, and they have created some really affordable learning paper products. Most of these products are under $5 and can be found in the art/stationary aisle instead of with the toys.


They certainly got a thumbs up from the kids. As soon as they seen what it was, they immediately wanted to sit down and try it out. My daughter is going into preschool and my son is coming out of Kindergarten—so we got the Pre K-Kindergarten Learning Pack.


They are all paper based, no batteries required and most of what we got could be erased and re-written (it comes with dry-erase crayons) which I’d also never seen before. I love that they had a variety of stuff to learn. ABC’s, numbers, shapes, colors, and even teaches them how to write the color words.

I love that most of it was dry-erase. I could let the kids practice their little hearts out and then erase it later that night. Then we could start on it again the next morning or day. They say that practice makes perfect.. and it’s true. My daughter has definitely learned how to write A-F as of right now.


This kept the kids quite busy. They were having so much fun. I was having fun just seeing them learn WHILE have fun. There was such a wide variety of activities, so even my son could do some of them. He had problems last year learning the color words, so that’s what he was practicing most.


I love that each book contained a variety. Most only cover 1 or 2 (ex. colors or shapes). These have letters, numbers, drawing lines, drawing shapes, color words, and so on. Megabrand and Leapfrog put it all together and made it fun.


They also sent Alphabet cards with some really cute characters to show the letter. They ARE in color and have separate cards for uppercase letters and lowercase letters. we had tons of fun making up card games with the flash cards.

I am aware they are supposed to be used to SHOW the kids what the letters are, but my kids have a very vivid imagination. We ended up playing Go-fish with alphabet cards.. “DO you have a B?” LOL


They also sent the success charts, which I <the mommy> think is cool. We can use these all year to reward the kids for learning! There are tons of them in the pack!!

LeapFrog products by MEGA Brands are available for purchase (MSRP $0.99 – $24.99 for children ages 3 and up) at major retailers including Toys R Us, Michaels, Joann’s, Target, Walmart, Officemax, and Costco.


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     Jessica Renee



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