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Make Naptime Feel Like Home With MyUbby Blanket: Review


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My daughter is starting preschool in just a few short weeks. She is excited about the “thought” of school. Being with other kids, toys, and playing on the playground. I’m worried that when the excitement wears off, she is going to freak out.

She’s never been to daycare, never had a babysitter, and never been away from me during the day. The same thing happened to my son. He started school, and soon became homesick. I’m glad that I learned about the MyUbby Blanket.

The MyUbby Blanket started when 2 parents created a one-of-a-kind handmade blanket for their son and he named it “Ubby”. Soon they had a daughter, who got one as well. They soon realized that Ubby meant “friend.”

I’m pretty sure the MyUbby blanket will calm her if she does end up getting homesick. When we got the blanket, I talked to her about it. I said “When your teacher makes you lay down for a nap, and you start to miss mommy- hug your blankie, ok?” She looked at me and said “OK, mommy!” with a huge smile.

What makes the MyUbby Blanket different from the rest is that you get to build the blanket from scratch. You start with your size choice—> I chose the 50x60. It’s bigger than I thought and she can use this blanket for a VERY long time!


Then you get to choose how many sides (1 or 2) you want the blanket to be. I chose 2 because the fabric options are just too adorable. I couldn’t resist choosing two.


I chose the bubble fabric for side one. Then they give you the color choices, and mine was hot pink. My daughter loves hot pink, it’s her favorite color!!


It even shows you what it will look like, which I thought was awesome!


For the second fabric I chose Smoothy and chose the Zebra pattern.


Adisyn absolutely adores Zebras (and horses). I love the way it offsets the hot pink. It looks gorgeous!

Then, the next to last is the edging. Of course, I chose black. It’s a silk/satin feeling which is awesome. It just brings the entire blanket together so well!


Last Step is Text or Monorgram (Initials). It is optional to add text or a message. I think it’s what makes these blankets have the amazing “personal” touch! I wanted my daughters blanket to be for her, something we could put in her memory box after she grows out of it.


I chose Inscription, so that it could say her entire name! You can choose not only the text font, but they have a huge variety of colors you can use as well. I chose black to offset the hot pink,



It shows you which side the text goes on, so you can choose wisely. I love that it shows you what it looks like as you’re building it. That way you can tell whether or not you’re colors are matching, what your font looks like, and how it all comes together at the end!



There are 8 different font choices when using the message option. I chose the Kindergarten font, so that it represents this time in her life.

The blanket arrived even quicker than I thought it would. AS soon as you order it, they send you a message letting you know that your order is complete. Then when it ships, you get another email. THEY are amazingly fast and ON IT! I’m pretty sure they might have stolen some of Santa’s Elves and have them working for them.


I got the blanket within ONE week of ordering.. and they make the entire blanket. How cool is that? It was even more beautiful in person. Adisyn seen it and fell in love. I can’t blame her, I did too.


Even though it’s a bigger blanket, it folds up really small. It fits perfectly inside her backpack. I store Adisyn’s blanket in her backpack during the day, but she always asks to get it out before bedtime.


It truly just melts my heart to see her love a blanket so much, She cuddles it and immediately falls into dreamland. I love that she has something so dear to her heart that I got to choose, to take with her when she starts her journey to preschool.


This is naptime at home. Look how sweet she looks. She loves her blanket! Both sides of the blanket are SUPER soft. The zebra part feels like true sleek zebra fur. It is so warm and feels amazing on the skin. The pink side is the warmest part, it feels like bubble fabric if you’ve ever felt it. It’s just so fuzzy and warm.


I am “the emotional” mom, so I know that I’ll cry when she does start school. I did when my son started school. It’s something that I can’t be there to hold their hand through, and it just saddens me. You can’t make sure they know where they need to be, if they are making friends, if they are comprehending what they are supposed to be learning.

Now my house won’t be filled with the sounds of footsteps. There won’t be toys scattered all over the living room for me to pick up. I won’t have any kids to make lunch for, or to take with me to the grocery store. As a mom, all I can hope for is that I have her the skills she needs to make friends and enjoy her day!

The MyUbby Blanket, I’m sure will help her with her fears of sleeping somewhere else. I will definitely not be AS worried that she is going to cry for me. I’m just glad that we do have the MyUbby to help her through naptime, should she get lonely and start thinking about me.

They don’t just have big naptime blankets! They have baby and toddler blankets as well. The baby blankets would make awesome coming home gifts or baby shower presents. The toddler blankets will make amazing birthday or Christmas gifts.

These aren’t just blankets- they are home, security, comfort, and love all wrapped into one.

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