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Sunday, September 8, 2013

City Creek Candles Review: The Heritage Collection

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If you don’t have any City Creek Candles in your home, you are totally missing out on the joys of life. I have always been a fragrance lover; candles, wax warmers and wax melts, potpourri, and CERTAIN incense. The sweet essence of beautiful aromas floating through my home inviting my visitors in with class, sophistication, and simplicity. Out of any brand of candles on the market today, City Creak Candles is easily my favorite.

City Creek Candles are hand poured right here in the United States. The company thrives because they have the ability to make simple yet beautifully stylish candles that spice up our homes with their breathtaking containers and delicious fragrances.clip_image001

It will definitely change the way you look at your existing candle stash. These candles are environmentally savvy and look fantastic as well. They’ll have you pitching all those horrible soot filled candles out the door right away! You won’t have to sacrifice style to have style to have eco-friendly anymore. All City Creek Candles are absolutely Non-Toxic.

They do candles in such a beautifully unique way that I can’t help but become addicted. I could immediately tell that they were non-toxic. They just smell so much better and burn so much cleaner. There’s no more black soot following the flame and flying above the candles, because there aren’t any chemicals for the candle to burn off.


Once you have a couple, you will immediately want more. They smell so heavenly and add such a homey feeling to any space. I was excited to be able to work with City Creek Candles. They have an amazing line of candles called the Heritage Collection.

The Heritage Collection is immediately noticed for it’s beautiful antique look that it brings to any home. The Heritage Collection features 3 gracefully designed ceramic containers. Each container has 4 refined, sophisticated, beautiful fragrances. All containers have the same available. which are Warm Vanilla, Serene Woods, Sugared Citrus, and White Flower.

City Creek Candles was generous enough to send me 4 of the beautifully designed ceramic container candles from the Heritage Collection. Each of the candles I was sent was different and all contained each of the 4 available fragrances.

What makes these so amazing and unique is that when the candle has burned down all the way, you can reuse the beautiful containers that they come in! There’s no limit to what they can be used for! It’s all up to you!

imageThe first Heritage Collection candle I pulled out of the box just so happened to be the biggest of the collection. I was simply amazed at the delicate charm of the Fleur De Lis Basin. The scent of the white Fleur De Lis Basin is Warm Vanilla.


Warm Vanilla has been on my top favorite home fragrances since I can remember. I could just soak up the deliciously rich notes of vanilla that is mixed with the lusciously sweet smell of syrupy sugar. It is just so relaxing and helps me to unwind even on the toughest day!

I have never in my life thought something smelled so welcoming and intriguing. The first thing someone notices when they walk into your home is how it smells. This isn’t something they MEAN to do, but we detect whether a home smells clean or not subconsciously. That’s why we all strive to make our homes smell delectable and City Creek Candles hits it right on the head! They definitely know what they are doing!

Get Yours: Warm Vanilla Fleur De Lis Basin $34.99


I also received two Vintage Urn Candles from the Heritage Collection. I absolutely love the way these are designed. My mom did too, she is into Native American designs and she has tons of stuff in her living room. She wanted me to give her these after the candles burned down. I really do think that they would look perfect in her living room.


The Blue Vintage Urn Candle smells of White Flower. It has a mixture of flower smells. It contains scents from Fresh-cut lily of the valley and magnolia paired with soft sandalwood and white amber. The scent is very refreshing and revitalizing. It definitely smells like flowers.

My stepdad thinks it smells clean, fresh, and simple like freshly washed hair washed with White Rain Shampoo. I think it does have a clean, fresh scent but I think I smell more of the magnolia mixed with the sandalwood. My mom thinks it smells like lavender. No matter what people think it smells like, we all agreed that it’s very invigorating and relaxing!


The yellow Vintage Urn Candle is Sugared Citrus. I really love this scent as well. It mixes Fresh citrus, tropical fruit and pure sugar cane. This candle sets you in the season of Summer. Every time I light this candle, it makes me think of swimming, long summer nights, and family gatherings. I love Summer! It’s my favorite season, and City Creek Candles has successfully bottled Summer into this candle.

This would be an amazing candle to have in the dead of winter when summer seems so far away. When you’re longing for a tan, warm weather, and a day where you can actually go outside without getting frost bite. My mom thinks this smells like “Oranges”, my stepdad thinks it smells like “Orange/Vanilla mixture”.

I love the light scent, it floats through my house like a breeze. It gives off a faint citrus smell but because it is Sugared Citrus, the sugar tones down the citrus smell so it isn’t so strong. I love it! I love putting this one in the kitchen or bathroom because of the clean yet homey smell it gives off!

Get Yours: Vintage Urn Candles $27.99 a piece


The last of the Heritage bunch is the Serene Woods Regal Vase. I love the weathered look of this vase. You can tell that it’s meant to look antique and it does look it! This is another one that my mom wanted to snatch.. and of course, because I love her, I agreed.

It goes well with her Native American designed living room. It definitely fits right in, and looks like it belongs! There’s no fighting for a space there. She immediately took to it and loved the smell as well as the design.


This doesn’t smell ALL woodsy if that’s what you’re thinking. It is actually a beautiful combination to make a tranquil, relaxing scent. It smells more earthy than woodsy. It would make an awesome office gift for your husband or brother.  It’s a mixture of Blonde woods, weathering pine, a hint of spice and lime zest.

Get Yours: Serene Woods Regal Vase $19.99

Connect with City Creek Candles online:


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