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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Awesomeness & The Epic Post Rolled into One!


Huge Expectations? Uh, absolutely! I was thrilled when I seen that Blogelina was having a blog comment party! I actually began blogging 4 years ago because I was a stay at home mom who needed interaction with other women/moms that shared the same interests that I did. So, I thought this would be an awesome way to connect with even more of you amazing bloggers!

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Hello there, welcome! I’m Jessica, the writer/author/freelance writer behind Stylish Southern Mama and Southern Rambles. I’ve been blogging for almost 4 years now, and just started my .com in July.

AS a blogger you all will know how excited I was to have a .com, right? I was ecstatic to actually own my own domain after blogging on blogspot for 4 years.I didn’t want to give up my loyal followers and all my hard work here, so Southern Rambles was born!


I have 2 amazing, beautiful, funny kids who I adore with all my heart. Aidan is 6 and Adisyn is 4. I have been trying to write their birth stories for awhile now to share with all of you. Aidan was extremely premature born at 24 weeks weighing in at 1 lb. 13 oz. so it makes for a unique birth story, one that I hope will help other Preemie parents! The path is definitely a life altering one.

I’ve been with my wonderful husband (although we aren’t conventionally married) for almost 8 years now. Yes, I know what you’re thinking “Aren’t you only 24? How can it be 8 years?” I have been with Adam since I was only 16 years old.


I’m pretty sure I have more hobbies then I have time. I love to read and write, of course. I could read just about anything you put in front of me. I am a huge fan of thrillers, mysteries, and nonfiction books. I have been a writer for as long as I can remember!

I am a crafter, I love to create an array of things! I taught myself how to sew and crochet. I dabble in making jewelry and making DIY bath/beauty products. I love to learn about Tarot and Astrology as well as Psychology! I love to design blogs and digital scrapbooks! I love learning just about anything in general!

I’m pretty sure I could be considered a hoarder at this point. Adam tells me on a daily basis how I have too much stuff for just one person! (LOL) I love to collect books, craft supplies, clothes, shoes, purses, and beauty products (makeup, hair and body care, and accessories)!


Anyway- The main reason I started a blog was to find a way to express myself and find my inner voice. I quickly got into entering blog giveaways for the amazing prizes. That slowly lead into me becoming a review blogger myself, who makes a little money on the side. I can truly say that I love what I do and am glad that I was lead onto the path I am on now.

Blogging has given me the awesome opportunity to meet some of the most amazing people who have transformed into some of my best friends! I’ve gotten to review some pretty amazing products and share with my followers whether they should get the item of if it is a bust and their money should be spend elsewhere.

The Giveaways that I can now offer is also a gigantic plus. I love being able to say thanks to my followers by having some HUGE giveaways as an appreciation gesture. It’s like handing them a plate full of food and saying “thanks for coming to my dinner party.” Instead it’s.. here’s this awesome giveaway, here’s an amazing chance to win a Coach Purse, a pair of shoes, or something for their kids! It just feels so great and puts me on top of the world!

blog goals

By the end of December I would truly like to b adding more and more personal posts. I am and have always been a fan of tutorials and I’d truly like to contribute some of my own.

Blog Parties*- I would also like to host at least 2-3 blog parties a week. Something like Wordless Wednesday but NOT. I was thinking something on the lines of “How-to Tuesday” or “Follow for Follow Friday”.

How-to Tuesday would be a link-up party for everything and anything DIY. It could be blog related, craft tutorials, cleaning or cooking how-to, really just anything how-to. This would be an amazing way to find some other cool how-to tutorials and connect with OTHER amazing bloggers!  How awesome does that sound?

blog party

I am also on the lookout for 2-3 co-hosts for each of these weekly blog parties/link-ups If you think you would like to help me co-host you can leave a comment below or email me at madebyjess(at)gmail(dot)com

This will help with traffic and of course, you’d get a backlink to a PR3 blog with 39,000 Alexa Global Traffic Rank. If you would like to co-host the only thing I ask is that you have a PR2+ blog with at least 10,000 (blog+all social media) followers that way I and the other entrants benefit as well.


What are your blogging goals for the rest of 2013? Do you think you’ll hit your goal?


Thanks for Dropping by!


Jessica Renee


This post was written by:

Jess is the creator of Stylish Southern Mama + Southern Rambles. She is a freelance writer + designer, Social Media Marketer, and Journalist. She has 2 amazing kids, Aidan and Adisyn, and has been with their dad Adam for 12 years, and has 2 amazingly adorable dogs; Harley + Cheyanne! :)

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