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Monday, September 2, 2013

Crayola Dry-Erase Activity Center- Put Fun Back into Learning! <Review>

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Crayola has always been a huge part of my life. When I was in school I loved getting fresh new giant boxes of Crayola crayons. I loved that there were so many amazing colors to choose from, and a blank paper had the potential to be made into so many things. I’m pretty sure Crayola started my craft obsession.

I wanted to pass this onto my kids. No matter what brand of crayons you buy- they WILL never compare to Crayola! So, when I got a chance to review the Crayola Dry-Erase Activity Center- I was all over it. My kids love to color, write, and draw. Now that they are both in school, I was looking for something that we could use again and again for practicing.

The activity center is eco-friendly because it doesn’t require any paper. It has a clear writing/drawing surface that works with any dry-erase product; dry-erase markers, dry-erase crayons, and even dry-erase colored pencils. SO it saves paper from being thrown away, just let them write their heart out and then erase it and let them start all over!


My daughter started preschool this year and is learning all the essentials; alphabet, her name, shapes, and numbers. I was glad that the Activity center had more than 25 games and activities that we could use on a daily basis to help her learn!


It’s an activity center that comes with 4 dry erase markers (red, black, blue, and green), an eraser, and 5 front/back cards. The cards help with alphabet, numbers and counting, words and stories, and building their imagination as well.

When you open the Dry Erase Activity Center box inside is a little pamphlet that helps you show your kids even MORE ways to have fun with the center. It shows you little learning games that make it even better. If you go on the Crayola website, they even have hundreds of Dry-Erase activity sheets here that you can add to the collection!


Just the short amount of time that we’ve had it has already made a big difference. She has been doing so well with learning how to spell her name, her alphabet, AND shapes. We are solely focusing on those for right now. I don’t want to throw too much at her at one time. I want her to fully comprehend what she’s learning before we move on to something else.


I love the fact that they added in a blank page. This has the potential for so many different things. You can write directly on the dry-erase sheet and insert it under the clear plastic pane so they can trace it! This is what has been helping her with her shapes and name the most!


The grid sheet can be used for many things. Lower or upper case alphabet, numbers, or even greater and less than. You can have them color 5 blocks on one line black for instance and then 7 blocks on another line green and tell you which is greater.

It is extremely durable, it has withstood being dropped on our floor a couple of times and didn’t even crack. I love the fact that we can re-use it time and time again. We didn’t have to buy the pre-printed school paper for her to learn! Just in the short time we’ve had this, my daughter has already made tremendous progress learning her letters and name!


My son loves to use it to draw on. He has been getting pretty detailed and awesome at drawing. He has been practicing drawing trucks, helicopters, cars, and rocket ships! It’s been awesome to see them play with something longer than 20 minutes. They will draw, write, and color for hours! This would be awesome to take on a long road trip to keep them occupied, of course I have to buy another one so both kids can have one!

Get Yours: Crayola Dry-Erase Activity Center $16.99

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