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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Forever Pure Beauty Mineral Eye Shadow & Cream Eye Liner Review & Giveaway

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Trying any kind of makeup product is always fun. I love to transform myself into an at-home makeup artist if only for a little while. Putting on makeup feels like to me like an artist painting a canvas. Once you find the perfect medium , you can do wonders with it.

The Forever Pure Beauty eye shadows are very versatile eye shadows.  The eye shadows are made from pure, crushed minerals without any added colorants and dyes. This line of eye shadow is made with nothing but pure, natural minerals. They are 100% vegan and gluten free.

I ended up getting 4 colors of my choice of eye shadows. I ended up choosing the silver bullet, storm cloud, smoky plum, and canyon rock. The Silver Bullet eye shadow is a Mineral Satin while the rest that I chose were Matte Minerals.


The silver bullet is a mineral satin mineral eye shadow that is mostly shimmery, not sparkly with glitter which I appreciate and love. It produces a gorgeous satin shimmer without being too  showy or full of glimmer. I like the sheen that comes from a shimmery eye shadow but could do without picking glitter off my face all day.


This eye shadow is a medium shimmery silver/gray which really makes the name perfect for this  beautiful gun metal silver/gray shadow. I love how it looks when dry as a shadow or highlighter (upper eye lid) or wet as a liner! It definitely makes the eyes pop either way. It’s a breathtaking color that will never hesitate to capture attention.

(photo) Silver Bullet on the lower lid, Storm Cloud on the upper lid! Smile



Mineral Matte Shadows are free of FD&C dyes, lakes, talc, bismuth oxychloride, and petroleum by-products. The Matte line of shadows are designed to be matte yet never flat. They are highly pigmented; soft, silky, and delicate with a wide variety of colors!

Storm Cloud, Smoky Plum, and Canyon Rock are all Mineral Shadows


(photo) Canyon Rock on lower lid and highlighted (top lid) with Smoky Plum

Smoky Plum: I love this color. This deep grayish plum really brings out my hazel eyes. It looks fabulous as both an eye shadow and as a highlighter. It doesn’t look over the top but it definitely creates a beautiful dramatic look.

What gives it the smoky look is the gray undertones. The gray undertones is also what makes it so remarkable on any skin color, mixed with any other eye shadow, and pops with any eye color. This is truly my favorite eye shadow at the moment and I have a TON of eye shadows, including 2 palettes with more than 100 shadows each.

Canyon Rock- This is a medium matte neutral earthy beige. This color looks more taupe beige to me. It’s a very khaki like color and works amazing as a highlighter. When I use the Smoky Plum, I use this on the bottom lid and the Smoky Plum as the highlighter.

This duo is irresistible and absolutely remarkable together. The canyon Rock is more of a neutral color so it lays dormant while letting the other color take center stage.

Storm Cloud- This looks like any regular gray shaded eye shadow until you apply it. That’s when you notice it’s deep bluish gray tint. It gives my eyes a definite pop that brings out the specks in my hazel eyes! I love it.

It looks amazing when blended with a regular gray or silver or even a silver shimmer such as the Silver Bullet. It also looks amazing with the Smoky Plum which is a purple with gray undertones. They definitely compliment each other!


I love the variety of colors that they offer. They span from delicately elegant, soft hues to a more colorful, vibrantly bold. No matter what your style of makeup may be, you’ll definitely find more than a few favorites to add to your makeup stash.

The eye shadows can be blended together to give you a unique color that is personal to you. They can be layered together to give you a breathtaking dramatic look. You can dip your makeup brush into water and then into the eye shadow, it makes for an amazing liner!

How you mix and match the colors is totally up to you. You can use complimentary colors that totally blend in together or use contrasting colors to bring out your eyes! The eye shadows are very pigmented, and are very long lasting. They last quite awhile just by themselves, but if you use a primer underneath- they last 10x longer!

I get a great deal of compliments when I’m wearing the Forever Pure Beauty Mineral Eye shadows, it doesn’t matter which combination I use either. If you know which colors will look good with your skin/eye color or how to correctly layer your eye shadow, they’ll always bring out the color in your eyes!

I love how easily these mineral shadows go on without creating a giant mess. Usually I have a problem with mineral eye They cling pretty strongly to the brush and don’t come off until it touches your skin! Even if I mess up and have to re-do my eye shadow I can easily wipe these off with an Aveeno Wet Face-wipe cleaner.

Cream Eyeliner


I also received the Forever Pure Beauty Cream Liner in Black. Made from pure mineral pigments, plant waxes, natural butters and botanicals, it glides on without any problems and stays all day! It is great for  lining, defining or smudging!


It works amazing with all my liner brushes. The slanted one that you see in the picture above is my favorite. It gives the perfect lined look that not even a pencil can give most of the time! It also works amazing with the thin makeup brushes for lining under your eyes!


You can learn more or order some by visiting their website. You can also stay up to date by following them on Facebook.


Win it!

Win 2 mineral eye shadows and a liner of your choice!

Good Luck!

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Jessica Renee


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Jess is the creator of Stylish Southern Mama + Southern Rambles. She is a freelance writer + designer, Social Media Marketer, and Journalist. She has 2 amazing kids, Aidan and Adisyn, and has been with their dad Adam for 12 years, and has 2 amazingly adorable dogs; Harley + Cheyanne! :)

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