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Saturday, September 7, 2013

One Styling Tools: Crush 1” Flat Iron Review- Say Bye-Bye to Boring!

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Even though I’ve had straight hair since the day I was born, I’ve been straightening it with flat irons since I was in high school. Flat Irons aren’t just for those with a head of massive curls or even wavy hair. I use them to add shine to my hair and tame the unmanageable, unruly frizz that my hair has.


One Styling has plenty of Styling Products that will leave you open mouthed and drooling. They aren’t just gorgeously designed but high quality and affordable as well. Inside a very small package arrived the flat iron of my dreams.


I was sent the One Crush 1” Flat Iron to review. Everyone knows that lime green is my go-to favorite color of all time. I was super excited to see that they had a white flat iron with lime green plates. “Ahhhhhhhh… I just imagine the birds singing me my very own song.”

My hair has definitely been thanking me since I’ve started using the Crush One 1” Flat Iron. My hair looks and feels so amazing, shiny, and smooth. All the frizz from the humidity of the summer is long gone, thank God because I was beginning to think I was related to Simba and deserved a role in the Lion King. With this flat iron all the frizz is gone and all that’s left behind is remarkably gorgeous hair.


This flat iron has an off/on switch on the inside and a red light comes on to let you know that it’s been turned on. It also has a temperature dial on the inside as well, which ranges from 140* to 450*.


It seriously makes me feel like I could walk onto the set of a Pantene commercial and steal the spotlight. My hair just looks so sleek and silky now and it’s completely effortless! My hair is straight but it also very stubborn. I crank that dial up all the way up to 450* and give it a minute to work it’s magic and get super hot!

I absolutely love the fact that it takes me less than 15 minutes total to straighten all my hair. This is a high quality flat iron for a third of the cost of the others yet works just as great as they do if not better. It’s excellency at it’s best.

Other flat irons usually snag and pull my hair. It makes me feel like I am going half bald and might be all the way bald at some point if I kept using them. My mom has short hair and some that pull my hair don’t pull hers, so it might be the fact that my hair is super long.

This flat iron is ideal for all hair types thanks to the wide temperature range. You would use the lowest temperature setting (140*) for very thin or short hair. If  you have extremely thick, unruly, or curly hair you’ll need to kick it in high gear and use it on the highest temperature setting (450*).

It traps in the moisture, so you don’t ever have to worry about it damaging your hair or drying it out. I love that fact that it seems to suck the dullness right out of my hair. It definitely adds a ton of shine while making my hair look healthy and beautiful. It seems to have magically bottled up sunshine and delivers it to each strand every time I flat iron my hair! AMAZING!


I couldn’t be happier with this flat iron if I tried! It fits in my hand perfectly. I don’t have to worry about it slipping out of my hand and accidentally burning me. I love the fact that the on/off switch and temperature dial are on the inside of the flat iron so I don’t accidentally turn it off as I’m fixing my hair.

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