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Friday, September 6, 2013

Poppin Lime Green Deskset Review: Color your Office Happy!


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As a freelance writer/blogger who works exclusively from home, I need color in my life. I want my office to reflect who I am and what I like. Poppin believes that the happier you are with your surroundings, the more work you will accomplish!


You should definitely be surrounded by beautiful objects on a daily basis. Not only does it truly brighten your spirits but it inspires from within and makes the work environment inviting. When you feel invited in by your workspace, you’ll actually spend more time there.


I am obsessed with office products and supplies. I was instantly infatuated when I seen the amazing range of colors Poppin had in every single product on their website. Poppin is stock full of people who also adore color and office supplies and successfully merged them together!


They also have a crazy passion for filing cabinets, desk organization, and office supplies. They have definitely changed the way people think about work! Poppin has a wide variety of modern office supplies in so many beautiful colors, to match the style and décor within your office.


I love the fact that you can shop by color! If you have a favorite color that you’d like to see around your office, you can buy everything in one color. If you’d like to switch it up and add contrasting or complementary colors, you can do that too. OR you can just go all out and add a rainbow of colors! Shop by desktop, furniture, organization and more. How awesome is that?



When I seen the Desktop Organization sets, I knew that this is what I needed to stay organized and add my favorite color to my home office! As you all know Lime Green is my favorite color, so when I seen that they had EVERYTHING in lime, I was super excited!


I ended up getting the Lime Green Desktop Set. It comes with 2 Inboxes; Accessory Tray; Pen Cup; and 1 box of Lime Green Signature Ballpoint pens. The Lime inboxes are not only beautiful but extremely helpful in keeping me organized. They can be stacked ay way that suits your needs and organization style.  The letter trays are designed to hold up to 300 pieces of paper.



The accessory tray is an amazing asset to the letter trays. It gives that extra space that we all crave in out offices. It can and will hold anything you want to put in it and look good doing it! They can be stacked on top of the letter trays or off to the side, however you want it, It’s all up to you.


The pen cup has two organization compartments. You can put pens in one side, pencils in the other so that you can just reach over and grab whatever you have the feel for at the moment. You won’t have to search and search for a pen anymore!


Lastly, the Lime Signature Ball Point Pens have a modern designed metal clip that really sets these pens apart from any regular ballpoint pen. The quality of these pens are simply superb, which really surprised me. Usually when I get ballpoint pens in bulk that are non-name brand they scratch the page and don’t write very well.


When I use these pens they glide right across the page without any glitches!  As a writer, a pen is a daily tool in my life. I have to have a pen that isn’t only reliable but comfortable as well. My thoughts flow, and my pen follows. I don’t have to sit and tap my pen over and over because it has skipped out on me.

When that happens I could lose my inspiration, train of thought, and word flow. I don’t have to worry about that with these pens. They roll on and never hesitate to pull through. A box of these beautiful pens contain 12 each, so I know I’m good for at least a little while!


If your office needs a makeover, you should definitely check out Poppin Office Products.

Buy it: Poppin Desk Set $51

Connect with them online: You can also find them on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.


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Jessica Renee


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