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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Tips for Taking Care of Your Skin


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Practicing a good skin care routine does not necessarily require hundreds of dollars on specialty exfoliants, masks and creams. There are a number of tips that can be implemented into your daily routine to better your skin and keep it looking clearer and healthier. See which beneficial practices you already have in place, and which you could do to include in your own skin care routine with these guidelines!

Keep Hands and Face Clean

Throughout the day, it is incredibly important to try and resist touching your face; and difficult to remember, as we do it so often without thinking. If you have a nervous habit of touching your mouth, chin, nose, or scratching your face when speaking with others, try and train your body to replace that tic with another one, like drumming on your leg, putting your hands on your hips, or crossing just one arm over your torso and holding your bicep, as crossing both arms gives off a negative vibe. Keep your hands clean by always washing after using the bathroom or public transportation. To ensure your efforts aren’t for nothing, take the time to wait for the water to heat up, and lather up for a good 30 seconds before rinsing.

Moisturize Daily

Even individuals with oily skin need to replenish some of that moisture after showering or washing their face. Select a moisturizer that adheres to the needs of your skin type: heavy for dry skin, normal or light for regular skin, and oil-free and light for those with oily complexions. Lines like Cetaphil and Mary Kay are just two of many simple creams which soften without clogging pores and won’t dry up throughout the day.

Reduce Lines and Sagging

There are many opinions on the right age to begin preventative care to address those unwanted wrinkles,, but as everyone’s skin is unique, you should start whenever you feel comfortable that it is the right time for you, personally. Identify your trouble spots, like under eyes or forehead, and select a lotion or serum which focuses specifically on that area of the face. You’ll also want to tailor your pick to what works to enhance your complexion. Look into brands like Isomers found here for technologically-advanced solutions, or try Best Wrinkle Cream’s sets if you aren’t yet sure which serum will work best for you.

Avoid Harmful Rays

Avoiding sun exposure is paramount when maintaining healthy skin, and unfortunately lathering up with sunblock before going tanning doesn’t always cut it. Regardless of whether the sun is out and shining, your skin will be affected by its rays if you’re out for more than just a few minutes. If you find yourself outdoors frequently, you may want to implement lotions and lip balms whose formulas include SPF to ensure that you’re always covered: the cheapest way is with Chapstick, who has a flavor with SPF 30. A wide-brimmed hat and long sleeves help on cooler days, but if you’ll be out for a while don’t forget about prepping those pesky areas like toes, the tips of your ears and back of your neck!

Get Smart about Makeup

If you’re using any facial makeup which continually dries out your skin or clogs your pores, you should switch to another brand. If you find zits popping up around your upper lip, try swapping out the lipstick for a lip stain or gloss. If you break out around your cheeks and under eyes, go easy on the foundation, concealer, and blush, and toner; oftentimes liquid serums can be more damaging and heavy than powders, like Becca’s mineral powder foundation. Carry around oil blotting papers to remove shine and excess sebum throughout the day, and always fully remove your makeup at night, giving your skin time to breathe and heal.

Establish Good Habits

Maintaining clear skin is about more than what you put on and take off of your face – although washing your face daily with a gentle cleanser is a good start. You should have two sets of pillow cases at home to get into the routine of changing and washing them every couple of weeks. Sleeping on an unwashed pillow case exposes your skin to bacteria and dead skin cells which can undo all of your hard work while catching up on some Z’s. On that note, getting enough sleep every night is also very important to your skin’s health, with 7 to 8 hours considered to be ideal. Finally, when awake, keeping hydrated by drinking water throughout the day will help your skin to become more smooth, supple and clear. Try sneaking in a glass from the water cooler in between cups of coffee, or else switching from sodas to water for the long haul.


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