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Monday, October 21, 2013

Krash Co. Pirate Skull Mohawk Helmet Review

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I’ve had the amazing opportunity to work with KRASH which is the sister site of Raskullz, You may remember my Raskullz Ragdon Backpack review last year. My son absolutely loved it and got so many compliments on it. He thought it was the coolest thing. So this time, they let us choose a helmet, which is just what we needed.


Aidan got his first scooter this year, so we had to keep him safe. I’m not a helicopter mom, but I want to make sure that he is protected should he have an accident. He has fun on his scooter but he is also accident prone because he is everywhere at once, zooming and flying up and down the hallway or outside.


What better way to get them to wear their helmets then a unique helmet that any kid would love to sport?  We ended up getting the Pirate Skull Mohawk Helmet, because I knew I’d have a better chance of him wearing it every time he rides than a normal helmet. Other helmets just don’t have the awesomeness that these do. Every kid that has seen Aidan’s helmet has loved it.


KRASH has an amazing selection of protective gear to keep our kids safe, while bribing them with the “coolness” of the design. They have boys and girls helmets, and they are ALL very adorable and have their own style!


I don’t have to worry that he will not wear his helmet, he wears it even when he isn’t on his scooter. He thinks it’s the coolest thing on the planet right now. His half brother Alex came over and they ended up playing Reel Steel. Alex put Aidan’s helmet on and pretended he was Brutus, the spiked mohawk robot. It was cool to see them pretend playing with a Helmet, lol.

Unique and adorable is only what meets the eye, these helmets are CPSC and ASTM certified. They comply with CPSC and ASTM standards for bicycle helmets, and also, the helmet has a shock-absorbing EPS inner shell that is built to protect their head.


The helmet is very sturdy and durable. It has already been through the ringer and back and still looks brand new. The mohawk is made out of rubber, so it isn’t going to hurt them or break anytime soon!

The straps are made of nylon and very easy to adjust it so the helmet fits absolutely perfect. They also have cooling vents to keep their head cool, which is awesome so they don’t get sweaty. The helmet is available in different sizes that goes from kids 3+ to 8+ and has a retail price of 27.99.


We were at Wal-mart and seen the Kitty Raskullz hat and just had to get it for my daughter. She already had the Raskullz Cutie Cat Scooter, so she was SO excited to get the matching helmet!

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Jessica Renee


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