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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Review: Aqua Zinger Stainless Steel Water Bottle #HolidayGiftGuide2013

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I have to admit that I definitely need to drink more water, but it can be a problem because my taste buds require flavor. I can drink a bottle or so of regular water, but that isn’t the required daily amount. I was always adding something extra to my water like crystal light or Mio,or drinking Fruit2o. Although they made drinking water easier, they have artificial sweeteners and chemicals inside.


So, when I stumbled upon the Aqua Zinger and  asked to review it and they said yes, I was excited. Add some zing to your water with this reusable stainless steel Aqua Zinger water bottle from Zing Anything.


The Aqua Zinger gives us a fun new way to drink our necessary amount of water without adding chemicals and artificial sweeteners just to add some flavor. The Aqua Zinger is a stainless steel water bottle that naturally infuses your water with delicious fruits, vegetables, or herbs.
There is a compartment at the bottom of the Aqua Zinger that has more than enough room for whatever recipe concoction you want to add to it. Strawberries, Watermelon chunks, berries, cantaloupe, limes, oranges, mint, etc..


There are metal grinders in this compartment that grind and mash up the ingredients you put inside. You twist the body of the Aqua Zinger so that it begins grinding up your recipe, but I go ahead and grind the bottom a couple of times before adding it to the body so I know that everything is grinded up really well.


The best thing about the Aqua Zinger is that it allows you to have naturally fresh, good for you vitamin infused water on the go. You can add oranges, lemons, and limes without having to peel the pulp from it. You just add them and the mesh compartment you see in the picture above keeps the pulp from being added to your water.

You add the bottom to the body and then add your water and spin! The bottle itself holds 20 oz. of water. You can add a second bottle of water before you have to change out the ingredients in the bottom.

The stainless steel/BPA free plastic construction makes it a breeze to clean. It also gives the bottle durability and strength that other water bottles don’t have. When you’re cleaning it, be careful of the spikes (grinders) in the bottom they are sharp. I haven’t had a problem with them, but it’s just something to be aware of. I love the Aqua Zinger and all the possibilities of flavored water.

It’s awesome to be able to throw together random fruits, veggies, and herbs and have great tasting water on the go! It even fits inside any standard size cup holder, making it easy to take with you in the car!


  • vacuum insulated, double wall stainless steel keeps your drinks cold or hot
  • finger hole provided for easy carrying
  • wide mouth top allows for easy filling and ice cubes, if needed
  • cushioned base through a soft rubber base pad to prevent slippage
  • Imported bottles with America-Made BPA/EA-free Triton plastics from Eastman.
  • food grade safe 18/8 stainless steel (no metallic aftertaste)
  • large ingredient cup allows for maximized flavor
  • easy to clean
  • reusable
  • hot and cold liquid safe
  • carbonated water friendly
  • 20oz Bottle*
This would make an amazing Christmas gift for someone who loves flavored water, and would love to be able to make their own recipes!
Get Yours!  Aqua Zinger  $25.95

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