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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Samsung Galaxy S4 Review #VZWlife #vzwbuzz


The Samsung Galaxy S4 is the top choice for anyone wanting a large screen and a phone that does everything. It’s long list of features is what draws most people in. There are so many features that make it stand apart from other phones.


The phone is ultra slim and easy to hold in one hand. It runs on a super fast Android 4.2.2 Jellybean operating system. It is the latest and greatest Android phone on the market and for good reason. The S4 is one of the fastest loading smartphones on the planet when it comes to graphics. The phone can do absolutely everything and is fast while doing it. Keeping me organized and entertained at the same time, I love it.


It has a unique textured back and the phone comes in both white and black. It has a rectangular home button with metallic colored accent around it. The Volume & Up/Down buttons are made of polycarbonate plastic with metallic accents. Since I always get a phone case anyway, the plastic design doesn’t matter to me.


I really love the sophisticated sleek design of the phone. I would definitely choose this over the boxier IPhone designs any day!

I am loving the battery life of the S4. I can read, check email, update Facebook or Twitter, watch YouTube videos, and play games without the hassle of the battery going down really quickly. The average battery life is about 10 hours, which is amazing. It does need to be charged daily. I also love the fact that this has a removable/replaceable battery. Most newer phones don’t, I’m glad this one does!

Android is definitely the best OS a phone could have. It has so many extras such as directly connecting to your Gmail account. I have access to Google Play, YouTube, Gmail, Google Calendar and so much more. I couldn’t imagine my life without the Galaxy now, it is AMAZING.


There is no need to download the essentials. It comes with Google Play Store, Gmail, YouTube, Kindle App, and many more. The others can be found in the Play Store (where most are free). I love the fact that I can search through the apps and find exactly what I need.


I had a Nokia Lumia 900 before getting the Galaxy. The Window Apps are so different, There was no way to search for certain apps like “Facebook” or “Instagram”. I had to scroll and scroll until I found what I was looking for. The apps are also different. I couldn’t directly get Instagram on the Nokia without paying $1.29. The Google Play store offers tons of apps free that I couldn’t get in the Window apps.


It IS hands-down an amazing smartphone, so smart in fact it should be named SUPER smart! It has a 13 Megapixel camera that gives us the ability to take pictures with our voice. All you have to say is capture or smile. It automatically focuses in eliminating any chance of blur, which is awesome in itself!


1. (Me when I was a little kid) 2. Me, My little cousin Mikie, My sister Brandy, and my cousin Sara


1. My son Aidan when he was a toddler. 2. Me @ the age of 9


1. My daughter when she was a baby   2. My great grandma, me, and my sister.

I love the fact that I was going through some of my grandma’s old picture albums and was able to capture pictures of the actual photos. There was no blur, no issues, and the auto focus was amazing. I was able to share them instantly on Facebook with the people in them, which is also awesome.


It also has dual-shot. The front facing camera is only 2 Megapixels and doesn’t contain a flash.. but still it’s pretty awesome. Usually the person taking the picture gets left out of the fun! Now, they can be IN the picture as well! Cheers! There are tons of settings to use when taking pictures.


I have to admit that I chose the Galaxy S4 for it’s strong camera performance and picture taking options. As a blogger I have to take a ton of pictures. Whether it’s pictures of a product, or a selfie of me with the product in use, I needed a great camera on my phone. I’ll admit I had a ton of fun testing out the different features.




Even if you take away all the other amazing features, the 13 megapixel camera is still stunning. I was very impressed with the pictures and how well they turn out. This phone takes better pictures then the digital camera I have, so WIN! The pictures are clear, crisp, and very detailed thanks to the HD feature.


Taking pictures is so easy. I love how I don’t have to push a button and risk slipping and messing up the picture. I can just say “smile” or “capture.” I absolutely LOVE this feature. It makes it 10x easier to take pictures of myself- both up close and full body pictures. Before I’d have to set a timer for the full body pictures and they didn’t always turn out so well.



The phone comes with the ability to add more memory, which is definitely something I look for in a phone. What use is it having a phone if you can’t add your favorite music, apps, and books because you don’t have a memory card slot?

I got the SD-micro mini adapter for about $10 at Walmart, so I can easily transfer music, videos, pictures, and documents from my laptop straight to the phone without a problem. If I had Bluetooth on my computer, I could automatically connect that way, which would be awesome… but my laptop doesn’t have it.

The phone comes with 64MG already on the phone, which is plenty for most people. I love the fact that Samsung gives me the option to add more though. The phone makes it easy to store photos on the SD card even if the pictures were taken on the hard drive of the phone. I also have a lot of music, apps, games, & Ebooks—and am not even close to the 64MG.


This phone does things I’ve never seen and never thought possible before. It has the ability to become a remote for your T.V., (Smart Pause) Can watch your movements and pause when your head or eyes move, and can translate what you say into another language.





This phone just keeps on amazing me. I am so in love with how quickly everything loads. Whether I’m reading and replying to emails, searching through Pinterest, or updating twitter or facebook. Articles from blogs and websites are amazing. I can zoom in easily with 2 fingers, which I also love.

As a blogger the phone has everything I need. I can write posts directly to my blogger AND Wordpress blogs, social media, and everything I need to stay organized. Like access to my Google Calendar, to-do list apps, and even Microsoft OneNote. 

This phone will actually let you put it in easy mode if you don’t want all the extra features. The extras might be confusing to those who are new to phones or just want something simple. The Galaxy S4 is definitely ahead of the pack!

I will continue updating about different features of the phone!

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