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Monday, February 10, 2014

Tech Review: Beats By Dr. Dre Studio Over-Ear Headphone @Staples #TechReview #Beats


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The Beats by Dr. Dre Over-Ear Headphones are absolutely amazing. Music is a big part of my daily life as a writer. When I sit down to write, I turn the music up and drown the rest of the world out. I have my tragus pierced and it keeps in-ear earphones from going into my left ear because of the barbell. I was excited to find a stylish pair of over the head earphones that deliver amazing quality. Staples carry them and they are on sale. This would be an amazing Valentines Day Gift!!

After 25 years, Dr. Dre was tired of spending months on a track only to have his fans hear it on weak, distorting ear buds. Two years and hundreds of prototypes later, Beats Studio headphones are the icons that bring you sound the way it was originally intended.


These headphones deliver professional quality sound for those who want to ‘hear” the music. The sound depth is absolutely stunning. We all know laptop and phone speakers are dull and can’t produce the “beats” of the music. These headphones changes everything. It’s like adding surround sound to your TV, rather than just using your TV speakers. Or the difference between regular car speakers and having a system. I love it.


The bass is nicely detailed and deep, which makes listening to any song so surreal. Whether it’s the bass and drums in a rock song, the beat of a rap song, or the melody of a country song.. each song is delivered to your ears unlike any laptop, phone, or MP3 player speaker can give you!


As a music lover, this is a really great gift to give and receive. I would do cartwheels to get these as a gift. I love being able to sit down after my kids go to sleep and put these on, and write as long as I want without my music disturbing anybody.


The headphones do require two AAA batteries to work. If you don’t have them inserted or you don’t have the switch on the right side of the ear piece turned on—you can’t hear anything. The batteries go inside the left ear piece, and snap right to lock the batteries in.


What hooked me was the unique look. The fact that they come in different colors and there’s such a variety for us to customize their headphones. That just adds to their awesomeness. I got the pink pair and absolutely adore them. They’ve added amazingness to my day!

Even when I’m watching movies or Youtube videos- it’s like having surround sound <<FOR YOUR EARS>>! It’s like an addiction,.. once you’ve put a pair of these headphones on, BAM.. you’ll never want to go back to the original speakers!

Regular speakers and headphones produce a flat, boring sound. Add some Dr. Dre beats and you can sit back and feel the music. You feel like you’re sitting right there with the artist as they’re making it. No more boring, dull beats—spice up YOUR music life!

I love the fact that I can use these with all of my electronics. Whether it’s my laptop, desktop, tablet, or smartphone. They are the most comfortable and best sounding headphones I’ve ever used. I am deeply infatuated with them, and you will be too when you try them.


The ear cuffs are super comfortable for long periods of time. They aren’t too bulky or heavy, yet are cushioned. They keep my ears from getting irritated or producing sweat when long for longer periods. I couldn’t be happier with the way they fit! I love them!


The folding design and carrying case make life ten times easier. My older headphones ended up getting worn out very quickly because they were big and didn’t have a carrying case. This hard plastic carrying case comes with a clip on the outside.. I can attach it to the inside of my laptop bag or backpack and not worry that the headphones are going to get broken.

What is inside the box?


Beats Studio on ear Headphones, Two (2) AAA batteries, 3.5mm audio cable, 1/4" audio adapter, In-line remote & mic cable (features may vary), Hard Shell carrying case, Beats cleaning cloth

Get Yours! –> $164.90 with quick 2 day shipping at Staples

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