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Monday, May 12, 2014

Aqua Spa Bath & Body Collection Review #AquaSpa


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Experience the spa at home and indulge your stressed out skin with benefit-rich minerals found in pure ocean waters. The Aqua Spa products give you the beauty boost that your skin is needing about now. Escape to the spa without leaving home! Give yourself a little me time and relax!

I love the fact that they are made in America and are chemical free. You won’t find any parabens or formaldehyde in these. The natural ingredients overpower the man-made ingredients, which is AMAZING!

Aqua Spa products are spa quality and have aromatherapy benefits. There is 4 different bath/body products and 3 different scents. Aqua Spa send me a variety of the scents. I love the top quality of the products yet they keep them affordable. You aren’t going to see huge prices stuck to these products… each is only $10-$15

  • Formulated to help stimulate cell renewal, enhance skin elasticity, strengthen skin, boost collagen, and keep skin hydrated

  • No parabens or formaldehyde donors

  • Not tested on animals

  • Proudly made in the USA


The Soothe Bath Soak


Tired, achy muscles? This bath soak is made with Eucalyptus and Mint to make those tired muscles feel better. This Soothe bath soak is perfect when you’ve had a long day and your body has had enough. Those days you just want to slip into something more comfortable and kick back.


It is a gently foaming, replenishing soak that brings those tired muscles back to normal. This bath soak is nothing short of absolutely amazing. I had been doing cartwheels outside with the kids and pulled my leg muscle (uhhh.. next time I’ll remember I’m not so limber anymore haha). I had a huge bruise and could barely lift my leg.

This was the perfect opportunity to use this. The bath salts look like tinted Epsom salt yet bubble and foam when you add it to bath water. I thought that was pretty amazing. I wasn’t expecting that. It not only felt great to sit there and soak but the mint/eucalyptus blend melts the senses! It is so invigorating yet relaxing. love it!

  • Formulated to help stimulate cell renewal, enhance skin elasticity, strengthen skin, boost collagen, and keep skin hydrated


The Energize Body Cleanser


Envelope your skin with an ultra nourishing body wash that washes away impurities without stripping or over drying your skin. Start your day with the amazing Energize Body Cleanser that will sharpen your senses and your skin!


The Body Cleanser is a clear, liquid soap with a sweet yet bold scent of ginger & citrus. This is the perfect mixture to get your senses awake and moving because it’s light and fresh! This is blended very well. It doesn’t have an overpowering citrus scent (which always make me think of furniture polish). You can sense the ginger over the citrus which makes the perfectly sweet yet invigorating scent it has!

It doesn’t generate a giant amount of foam like you’d get from a body wash. It isn’t creamy but it is just silky enough to spread very easily onto the skin, It has a pump action top which is always appreciated with bath products! I love how each color represents the scent. The orange bottle makes you think energy and awake, doesn’t it?

Although there isn’t as many bubbles, this still leaves my skin squeaky clean yet soft. I love that isn’t so much a soap as it is a gel. Soaps leave your skin dried out, but this body cleanser adds nourishment back into your skin! I love how hydrated my skin feels


The Relax Bath Oil


Pamper your skin with the intensely hydrating Relax bath oil. It helps to replenish moisture to your skin that has been lost.

The aroma of the Lavender and chamomile has such a calming, relaxing, soothing scent. I absolutely love it! I have always loved these two scents mixed and try to get it as often as possible. I love the fact that they offer an entire collection of each scent! Would make a perfect gift basket!

The oil is a beautiful pale purple color that lightly tints the water as it gently foams. It has a sweet floral scent with an added undertone of light pine or something. It smells amazing! After soaking in the bath with the bath oil added my skin felt so smooth, silky, and hydrated.

The scent lingers throughout the bathroom after I get out, and I notice it still on my skin a while later. I love it. This is perfect for weekend soaks or having a hard “mom” day when you just need a second to yourself while the kids are sleeping.

I love the fact that my skin feels hydrated but it doesn’t feel oily afterward. It doesn’t feel baby oil or anything like that. It’s more of a lightly coating oil that doesn’t clog pores, which I love. Using this is like having my own personal getaway in the bathroom!

You can add this to your skin after the bath as well, as a skin oil.


The Relax Body Crème


Spoil yourself with the lavishly rich and creamy Relax Body Crème. Thicker than a lotion yet not as rich as a body butter, this is the perfect consistency for dry skin! This is the perfect way to top off a long day. The soothing, calming scent of the lavender and chamomile is just perfect before bed.


Although this is thicker than a lotion, it absorbs like one. It absorbs very quickly without any oily residue left on my skin or hands! This is definitely on my top of favorite moisturizers. My skin can get on the dry side when I go to the tanning bed and this definitely helps! I love it!

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