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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

11 Back-to-School Headbands & Hair Clips #DIY #Headbands


School is almost here and Adisyn could really use some headbands and clips. I was searching through Pinterest and seen some very VERY cute headbands. You can always go out and buy them, but making them by hand adds something special to the meaning for me!

Keeping her hair out of her face while she learns and plays at school never looked so good. I am loving the options of headbands, bows, and clips that are available. What reason is there to NOT make some of this goodness? Open-mouthed smile

The first headband I came across was the Heart Headwrap  is just so adorable. It’s simple yet so beautiful. Easy to make and a very quick project. You could make this in every color and clip on little bows. How cute!


Image Source: PeacotsandPlaid.com

The second headband is the thread headband. I love that this is also easy. The pattern is easy to follow and has step-by-step instructions on how to make it. I love that they also have the pattern for the flower. It’s a great way to contrast color and make it unique.


Image Source: MyHobbyIsCrochet.com

The third headband is very easy to make, yet very pretty. The Button Flower Headband doesn’t a ton of time to make (so you have time to make more..shh..lol) Great way to add some splashes of color to their outfits! Any color combination you want, right here!


If you are looking for a very versatile headband that isn’t very hard to make, the Double Sided Headband would be great.


I am loving all the bright colored fabric, absolutely beautiful. You can also create patchwork pieced headbands out of this pattern. It does require using a sewing machine, so if you don’t have one—you might skip ahead.

I am all for repurposed t-shirts, especially with this 5 strand braided headband. What better way to get ALL the use out of them that you can. Especially if there is a tiny stain or rip that you can’t fix. These are also perfect because they are stretchy and very comfortable to wear. Also the fact that you can clip on any color hair bow to the top and make it unique. Switch it up~!


If you’re looking for something easy and quick, you should definitely give this 3 minute headband a try. All you really need is a headband and some felt. You could probably use some spray starch and use fabric instead of felt to make it even cuter.


The DIY headband below can be made for anybody, not just babies. She shows you how to measure the length, depending on who you are making it for. This would be cute in a variety of colors as well. Great for sending her back to school in style.


The Sugar Bee Website has an amazing knotted t-shit headband . It’s very easy and the sewing that is done, can be done by hand if you don’t have a sewing machine. It would be stronger of a hold if you had a machine to use, though.


For another easy, cheap, and quick headband there’s the braided bead headband. You don’t necessarily have to use the materials that are required in this. Just choose 3 different texture of materials and wrap them together. Looks pretty cool!


These DIY Flower Hair Bows below are SUPER cheap. Less than $.50 a piece and can be clipped on or hot-glued to any hairband! I love the added button too~ ! Mix it up with contrasting colors, or add buttons that have designs on them!


No little girls hair collection is complete without the all famous diy chanel inspired bow. I love the deep chocolate mixed with the gold, but you can add any color combination to make this a stand-out!




AND.. you can’t have all those pretty bows and headbands without having something to put on them, now can ya? I seen this DIY HeadBand Holder that is just simply beautiful! Also adds a little flair. You could definitely use whatever fabric matches your bathroom or her bedroom. Heck, while you’re at it, you could whip yourself one up too!


Hope you find something you like!





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