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Sunday, July 27, 2014

OtterBox RealTree Camouflage Galaxy S4 Case Review #Otterbox #RealTree #GalaxyS4


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There is no way that you’ll see me packing my phone without an Otterbox case. I’d say that having an Otterbox is better than having insurance. The strong durability of the case has definitely saved my phone more times than I can count.

I love my Samsung Galaxy S4, wouldn’t trade it for any other phone on the market, so I need to keep it protected. Especially since I have a 5 year old and a 7 year old who LOVE to play games, watch videos, and create with the phone. The Otterbox not only keeps the phone safe from drops, but it keeps the screen safe from sticky fingers. Yikes.

I am a true country girl at heart and absolutely couldn’t resist the Otterbox Realtree Camo Galaxy S4 Case. I love that they have 4 different styles of camouflage (with different color shells) to choose from.


I got the orange version (picture 3) which is hands down my favorite. Take your Samsung Galaxy S4 on the hunt with you; protected and ready to blend in. Realtree camo provides the best way to blend into the environment while keeping track of weather conditions.


Even if you aren’t planning on taking a hunting trip anytime soon, camouflage is definitely popular these days. I mean, come ON, Duck Dynasty and Fast N Loud are two of my favorite shows!

I am loving how well the case fits the phone, yet doesn’t make it bulky. The case is very protective. I don’t know how many times I stepped out of my truck and forgot my phone was on my lap. DROP goes the phone. Face down on the concrete and of course I freak out, but nothing. No scratch, no crack, no lines, absolutely no damage at all. ’ve dropped it on tile, in gravel, and mud.. still protected.


I couldn’t think of a better case to have on my phone. Otterbox provides the quality and style that expensive smartphones need in order to stay protected. The cases aren’t very expensive, and you don’t have to spend a ton of time looking for something you like. (Believe me, there are TONS that I love). You’ll probably have a hard time NOT buying more than one. LOL.


The best thing about the Otterbox cases is that they are interchangeable. I now have the option of switching up my shell with the outer case. The plastic inner shell provides the stability for the phone in case of drops. Easily snaps back together and easy to take apart.


I love that they automatically send you a clip to go with your case. Not very many companies send clips, because they want you to spend more money. Otterbox knows that the size of smartphones makes it hard to pocket the phone, so they give you even MORE protection by adding in the clip!

I even went fishing at a couple creeks, wading in the water, and had my phone with me. Although Otterbox isn’t waterproof, as long as you don’t jump in the water you should be fine. The water was up to my thighs, the phone clipped at my side, and no problems here! Didn’t catch anything but still had fun.

You can’t have an amazing company with just ANY customer service. Otterbox not only has amazing quality, uniquely designed cases but they have FABULOUS customer service. They are definitely a company that will stand by their product. If something happens to your case or clip, they will replace the case for you. How awesome? Not that many companies still do that these days. They are a company of their word, which means a lot!

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