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Friday, July 18, 2014

Book Review: Homemade Nail Polish by Allison Rose Spiekermann; Ulysses Press


Create Unique Colors and Designs For Eye-Catching Nails

Whether you are looking to match your nails with a specific dress or just have fun playing with shades and hues, this unique guide is the key to stunning original nail art design and featuring one-of-a-kind colors. With step-by-step instructions, detailed photos, and recipes for dozens of different polishes—including cremes, shimmers, glitters, and more—Homemade Nail Polish will have you whipping up ahead-of-the-curve colors in no time.


My Review

I have always been a fan of color and design, so naturally I love anything DIY. If it’s created, I’ve thought about what it takes to make it. Nail color and designs are no exception. Do you remember my DIY Nail Art book review?


Nail color is a very easy and fun way to express your unique style. There have been MANY different colors that I’ve seen on Pinterest that I wanted to copy so badly. There are just so many beautiful mixes of colors that I am slightly addicted. Beautiful teals, turquoise, and corals. Sigh…

This 96 page book contains all the information you need to learn how to mix your own shades easily and quickly. Teaching you (and me of course) that we don’t have to be limited to the color choices at the nearest drugstore. Now the possibilities are endless.

There are two sections that are very detailed about the equipment and ingredients that are needed to begin your nail polish making journey. The ingredient list and what they are used for is extremely helpful. Glitter, glitter finishes & shapes, thinners, and bases and what to expect when you want to achieve a certain look.


This book has more than 30 recipes that help with getting used to mixing colors and even adding special effect pigments. There are very detailed pictures along with the instructions so that it IS very easy to follow along.


The pictures look absolutely amazing. Step-by-step follow along pictures are what I like to see in a DIY book, so that I know I am doing the process exactly right. This book definitely gets 2 thumbs up for how clear and detailed the pictures are! Open-mouthed smile

There is even a section in the back to help with applying the polish right so there aren’t any smears or smudges. She takes it a step beyond and even shows how to tackle the techniques I had been dying to try. Most of them weren’t as hard as they look.


I am loving that the nail polish can be made with eye shadow. This makes the options endless. She even shows how to perfectly measure the different types of eye shadows, so that you get the desired color.


I love all the cool nail tricks and techniques in the back of the book. II t covers using scrapbooking punches to make nail decals, using gel pens for nail polish, making tape stencils, and how to get the galaxy look.

I’d always wondered how to perfect the gradient/ombre style. I even bought a dotting tool (before I got this book) and still couldn’t tackle the dotted style. I was pretty sure it was going to be a piece of cake, and the dotting tool failed me lol. I didn’t realize that I could’ve just used bobby pins instead. Oh well, the dotting tool is a nice addition to my nail box anyway.

Before you go running off trying to find the ingredients and the equipment, look in the back at the resources. The best places (with the best prices) are listed, so that you spend less time comparing prices and more time to enjoy MAKING the polish. She even adds an amazing list of nail art inspiration blogs that are a definite must read. I am loving looking at all the nail designs, so make sure you bookmark them!

About the Author

Allison Rose Spiekermann is the founder and creative director of Nail Pattern Boldness, an independent nail polish company based in Burlington, VT, which specializes in unique and innovative products to help both amateur and professional nail polish enthusiasts get more out of every manicure. She lives in Burlington, VT

Get the Book: Homemade Nail Polish 


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