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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Net10 Wireless- Samsung Galaxy S4 #Review


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If you’re looking for something stylish without being tethered to a contract, then you should definitely check out Net10 Wireless. No-contract wireless plans are on the rise with consumers & Net10 is America’s largest no-contract cell phone provider. They offer a variety of airtime choices to ensure you get wireless your way. I can’t believe it starts at only $40 a month.

Starting at just $40/month, you can experience unlimited talk, text and data. Even more, Net10 Wireless gives you freedom of device with its BYOP program, which lets you keep the phone you love while getting the best mobile experience from the nation’s best 4G LTE networks at about half the cost.


View all your content on a stunning 5-inch Full HD Super AMOLED™ display that's powered by a robust 1.9GHz quad-core processor — all in a light 0.29LB smartphone.


I have always preferred an android to anything else. I love the Google sync feature. I can access everything I need right from my phone. Gmail, Calendar, and Google Play. There’s no app in this world you can’t find on Google Play and most of them are free. I’ve had a Nokia Icon (Windows OS) and the apps are totally different. I would choose android hands down every time.


Shoot Like a Pro


The phone is always fast and reliable. Downloading apps, watching a Youtube video, or uploading pictures- the Galaxy S4 never lets you down. Some apps will let you listen to music or radio stations, and it never hesitates or takes very long to load. It’s also awesome to download books and listen to them while you’re working or talking a jog around the block.

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The camera on the Samsung Galaxy S4 is an amazing 13-megapixel camera with simultaneous dual photo capture. I am loving the “speech” part of the camera. I no longer have to hold the phone at an awkward angle just to get the right shot. There’s no need to even touch the camera button. The camera responds to me saying “smile” “capture” or “take picture”. That is spoiling me right there! That’s exactly what I needed, lol.

Did I mention that there are 2 cameras? Both front and back. The front is great for selfies (if you do that sort of thing lol). The front faced camera is only 2MP and doesn’t contain a flash, but you can’t tell. The images are still sharp and in focus.


 Screenshot_2014-09-02-23-07-35 Screenshot_2014-09-02-23-59-15 Screenshot_2014-09-02-23-57-41

A good phone is like the memory you don’t have. It helps keep me organized on the go. It helps to have everything right there on hand. My Calendar, planner, to-do lists, and emails. I had it all written down but it’s just so much easier to just get notifications. I’m pretty sure there isn’t anything this phone can’t do. It might actually transform when I sleep, who knows? It’s that freaking awesome!

I can check my Paypal and transfer or send money straight from my phone. I can email anybody at anytime, even emailing pictures is super fast and easy! Being organized never looked so good!


Did you know that you can now bring your own phone to Net10 Wireless?


More to come…

Have you ever felt the freedom of not being tethered to a contract? Now you can!


 Get Yours: Net10 Wireless Samsung Galaxy S4


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