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Friday, September 19, 2014

Office Organization with Post-it® #Review

post it

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Working from home has it’s obvious perks; I can work my schedule around my kids, I have unlimited access to coffee, and I can work in my pajamas if I want. I can set my own hours and work at my own pace. There are also hassles that come with working from home though, the fact that I was having a hard time staying organized.

I never seemed to get the time to organize my office, and stuff just kept piling up. When I realized how much time I was spending looking for items, I quickly reconsidered and made time.

Disorganization was wrecking havoc on my productivity time, I was spending too much time sorting through stuff to find what I needed. I need that time to work, not search for stuff.
Post-It definitely helps keep me organized.

post it home
Post-it® Dry Erase Planner lets me keep my daily schedule visible so that I can stay on track. It is a peel and stick planner, so it can stick anywhere. I put mine to the right of my workspace. I’m not spending time thinking of what needs to be done, I can glance to my right and already know. It helps with productivity and keeping distractions at bay.

post it home2
You can stick this anywhere, yet it comes off just as easy as it goes on. No sticky particles or a mess left behind on your walls or refrigerator. You can stick this horizontally or vertically, whichever you prefer. This is perfect for chore charts, meal planning, kids homework and activity schedules, doctor appointments.. etc.

I love that even though it’s a thin sheet, the dry-erase markers come all the way off. Usually with thin sheets, the markers smear or don’t come all the way off. I can start a new week every week without the worry that it’s going to turn into one giant mess.

post it scrunch

Post-it® Grip Board helps me keep my important papers from being discarded. They aren’t just laying around in random spots, stuff being piled on top of them. They are in full view so I don’t miss an appointment or meeting with the kids’ teachers.

The grip board can be mounted anywhere, I added mine right beside my calendar. It has extra durable adhesive Command™ picture hanging strips. The board can be mounted horizontally or vertically, whichever works best for you. I just wanted to use it for quick reminders, so I didn’t need it for larger papers.

The grip board includes 1 board per pack in warm grey metallic, with 1 pad which has 25 sheets of Post-it® Full Adhesive Notes. This would also be great for coupons, grocery lists, to-do lists and so much more.
post it cat
 Post-it® Cat Pop-up Notes Dispenser helps keep my notes within reach while also being very adorable. Who could resist NOT looking at this adorable white kitten with bright 3 in. x 3 in. accordion style post-it notes. It comes with 1 pad of post-it notes and is available in 3 different colors; orange (above), pink, and lime green.


It’s very useful and helps me stay on top of things I may have otherwise forgotten. I need to write myself little reminders every now and then. We all know the “I’ll remember that later, I don’t have to write it down” thoughts NEVER work out so well. That’s why I am glad to have this little cutie at my fingertips!

post it binder post it binder2
The Post-it® Binder Tabs keep me organized for obvious reasons. Of course, there are other binder tabs, but they can’t compare to these. The others are non-sticky, where these are sticky back. They can be put straight on paper, in a book to keep a place, or in your binder.

I used these in my blog binder to separate the different subjects I write about; blogging, beauty, D.I.Y. I can now easily flip to that part of my binder to write down ideas as they come. I don’t have random papers inside that might not ever be seen otherwise. Everything looks so amazing and is grouped accordingly! Genius.

I also added these to my file folders. This was a very easy and inexpensive way to sort the different ideas I have as well. That was my main problem, I had papers EVERYWHERE. I would get an idea and jot it in my notebook and then forget all about it.

Post-it® Binder Tabs help to keep your binder organized. Unlike divider sheets with attached tabs, creating subject sections in your binder is flexible and easy with these writeable and repositionable 2-inch tabs.

Do you need to organize your workspace? How would these products help you out?

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