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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Smead Erasable File Folders and Office Supplies #Review #ShopletReviews

*Stylish Southern Mama received the below mentioned item in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own and completely honest.

Smead has developed the most genius organizing system I think I’ve ever witnessed. Erasable file folders? Count me in! I have to have folders to keep my thoughts organized about what I need to do, what’s already been done, posts, books, kids homework, and all that. These are reusable so not only are they eco-friendly but it saves a ton of time and money.

 Smead Erasable Supertab File Folders

Smead Erasable SuperTab File Folders are amazing. They have a special erasable surface that makes them reusable. I can write directly on the tab with a permanent marker, and edit or erase as needed. The marker can easily be erased with any standard white eraser.

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Being able to erase permanent marker is amazing. It’s very eco-friendly. Instead of tossing old files when you’re done, you can just edit them. I love the fact that it doesn’t leave behind any messy smudges, so it looks brand new. Less file folders tossed in the garbage, and more money for other things! Win-win!

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It’s also different from other folders because there is more writing room. For someone who writes larger naturally, it was a relief. I was tired of writing very small and not being able to see it. I could never just glance over and see what I needed, I had to search. Now I can easily see what I’ve written because I can get away with writing bigger.

The folders are great quality and very sturdy. They aren’t flimsy and can take a lot of scuffing. They aren’t going to tear up easily, so they last longer! 24 come in each pack, so it’s definitely a better bargain!

Smead Erasable FasTab Hanging File Folders

Smead Erasable FasTab Hanging Folders are just like the regular erasable file folders, but these hang inside file boxes or filing cabinets. For me, it’s easier to organize certain stuff in different file boxes. I got some decorated ones (one small, one big, and a magazine holder) for cheap and keep organized like that.
If I don’t keep everything sorted, I easily become disorganized. Papers, papers, and more papers everywhere. My office seems to get swallowed by papers every once in a while, which is why I bought the file boxes.

You can write straight on the tab and then edit it later. Totally reusable, which I love. I love the bright colors, makes the folders stand out 10x more. Add a little spice to YOUR office supplies, they are amazing.

The quality of the folders are strong and well designed. They are strong and durable, they aren’t cheaply made. You’ll be using them for a VERY long time. They also come with a bigger writing space than other hanging file folders. Being able to edit or erase something completely on a file folder just makes me happy!

No more plastic inserts. I don’t even think I ever even wrote on them most of the time. I’d have to spend a ton of time flipping through each folder to see what it contained. I could never get the paper back into the plastic insert right (or write small enough for that tiny piece of paper). This is a work at home dream! Organizing at it’s best.

Smead Organized Up Heavyweight Vertical Folders
Smead Organized Up Heavyweight Vertical File Folder lets you file and organize your documents in an upright position. The best way to stay organized is to organize your files the way they are printed and read. No more crumpled or lost papers.

These files are absolutely amazing. Built with a super durable, heavyweight that is also water-resistant. These are perfect for taking back and forth to school or work in your backpack or laptop case. You don’t have to worry about your paper slipping out every chance it gets. The fold to these folders are on the bottom, so paper can’t escape at all.

I love the colors available. I love color and adding it into my office any chance I can get. These vertical folders come in pink, orange, and green (my fav☼). Filing papers and not worrying they are going to fall out is a major plus!

The folders feel more like cardstock than a regular folder, so that’s also a huge plus in my book. The thick, sturdy material of these folders make them so much more durable and last much longer than a traditional folder.

There are tabs present on both sides of the file folders. Whether you want to file them sideways or vertical, you can easily store them that way. No more lost presentations!!

Smead Step Index Organizer

Smead Step Index Organizer has an innovative tiered tab with clear view, so you can see everything at a glance. It is made with high quality, durable embossed poly material that keep it moisture and tear resistant.

It comes with pre-printed labels as well as blank ones. I needed something to organize my blog by monthly dates, so I know what to write during those months. For instance, Coffee Day is at the end of September. Fall fashion posts and anything pumpkin related can start in late September, early October.

Helps keep me on schedule, and I love the silver color of it. I’ve had plenty of these organizers (not by smead) and they ended up cracking over the year I needed to use it. This one is very durable and can withstand holding 600 pages at a time. I love that.

Shoplet offers a large assortment of office supply products for businesses while keeping the environment in mind.

How would these keep you organized?

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