Friday, September 19, 2014

Sol Republic Deck Bluetooth Speaker

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The Deck by Sol Republic is a Bluetooth speaker that has forever change how I listen to music. The flat lightweight design and bright color gives this speaker a modern, edgy look that most speakers don’t. It only weighs 11.5 ounces and is very slim, which makes it easier to put in my purse or bag for on-the-go music!

deck black deck red

Ya’ll know lime green is my favorite color, so I was stoked to see that it was a color option. I jumped right in for the lime. If you aren’t into lime like I am the speaker is available in 3 other colors, which are just as pretty. It’s available in blue, red, and black (and of course lime).


I had absolutely no problem connecting to the Decks’ Bluetooth. It popped up and synced right away and shows “Deck” which can be changed if you wish. Don’t let the small size fool you, it has huge sound for such a small package.

It has the ability to connect via NFC, which is where you touch the speaker straight to your phone. I have an Otterbox on my phone, so I’d rather connect Bluetooth rather than take my case off every time. It only takes a second either way, so it doesn’t really matter HOW you connect.

It also has a “heist mode” with allows up to 5 people to connect to it at the same time and add their own song choice. Cool, huh? This is great for any kind of get together; whether it’s a holiday, birthday party, or just a regular party. Everybody gets a chance to listen to what they want, no complaining! Woot.

I am loving how long this stays charged. It automatically tells you how full the battery is when you turn it on. For instance it’ll say “fully charged” “half charged” or “needs charging”. I love this feature, because I know how long before I have to charge it back up. It also will play WHILE charging, which is cool. AND if you run off without your charger, it can be charged with most phone chargers (My Galaxy S4 and Nokia Icon charger will charge it up).


I am in LOVE with this speaker. It goes everywhere with me. I love plugging this up to my Iheartradio app and just letting the songs play while I work. Gives amazing sound and is very high quality.

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