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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

BLACK+DECKER FusionBlade™ Digital Blender with Personal Smoothie Jar

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Create the perfect smoothie! The Black & Decker FusionBlade Digital blender features 4-function digital controls and a simple 30-second smoothie blend cycle. A two-tip stainless steel Fusion Blade provides enhanced blending that creates smoother smoothies, velvet-like purees and protein packed power drinks. This 2-in-1 blender comes with a full-size 48-ounce Perfect Pour glass jar.

My Review*
The Black & Decker FusionBlade Digital Blender is great for making smoothies, shakes, and even foods. This gives you all the blending power you need, without all the fuss. You have 4 different pulses, one being the smoothie pulse button.


I was definitely drawn to this blender because of the smoothie cup. I wasn’t eating a  very healthy breakfast before, if I even ate breakfast at all. I was a straight for the coffee pot kind of chick, but I learned my lesson. I was getting headaches and feeling fatigued a lot, so I knew I had to start eating healthier.

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Smoothies in the morning is definitely the way to go for me. Quick, simple, and absolutely delicious. Not only that, but have you seen all the smoothie recipes? How could I resist trying out all those delicious looking smoothies now that I had a blender JUST for blending my very own smoothies? Plus having it’s own smoothie cup makes it less of a fuss to clean.


Just toss your ingredients in, hit the smoothie button, and let the blender work it’s magic. I no longer have to use the bigger blender cup, find a to-go cup, and then wash the blender out. I can just put the smoothie cup lid on and out the door I go. Pretty cool, huh?


The kids and I went to the grocery store, and I got some ice cream. We had fun making chocolate milkshakes for their snack time drink while watching some cartoons. The girls helped me scoop in the ice cream, while Aidan poured in the milk. Dezi (my niece) got to push the pulse button, while I helped Aidan pour the drink in their cups. Adisyn got to choose the straws.

This is the Glass Carafe part of the blender, so it is pretty heavy. Not for me, but I had to help my son with pouring so he didn’t drop it. It didn’t miss a beat while blending the ingredients. We all got a perfectly smooth, non-clumpy milkshake. It was delicious and I love that I didn’t have to clean it. I just ran some warm water in it after and put in some dish washing soap, putting it back on the stand and turning it on, letting it clean itself for about 20 seconds.

Did you know that you can also make soup in your blender to increase your vitamin intake? It helps because you are actually getting the vitamins and minerals from the food, instead of a ton of sodium. When you buy canned soups, there is a ton of harsh preservatives and mountains of unhealthy sodium. Avoid it all by making your own soup at home with fresh veggies.

I will be posting some different blending recipes here soon. Recipes that you can make inside your blender. This week it will be MUST have smoothies. I would post them here, but I don’t have the room. I expect to have them up by the end of this week. I will also be writing about making soups and other non-traditional food recipes that you can make in a blender. Making life easier, and your lifestyle healthier!

It has dishwasher safe parts, so you can just wash them when you do your other dishes. I don’t have a dishwasher, but the blender DOES clean up very well. There aren’t any small crevices in which bacteria can hide, so it makes cleaning it a breeze. I also use the blender to clean itself. I fill the blender up with warm water and dishwashing liquid right after I use it, and put it on Pulse 1. It basically cleans itself!
  • 4-Function Automatic Digital Control +l Pulse
  • 6-Cup (48 ounce) Glass Jar
  • Personal Smoothie Jar, Blade Base & Travel Lid
  • FusionBlade ™ - 2 Tip Stainless Steel Blade
  • Dishwasher-Safe Removable Parts
  • Number of Speeds: 4
  • Capacity (volume): 48.0 Oz.
  • Appliance Capabilities: Blends, Grinds, Chops, Crushes Ice, Mixes
  • Features: Adjustable Speed Control, Cord Storage, Push Button Controls, Automatic Start/Stop, Stainless Steel Blades, Pulse Feature, Pouring Spout
  • Includes: Instruction Manual, Rubber Seal, 6 Cup Jar, Stainless steel multipurpose blade, Measuring Cup in Lid
  • Material: Stainless Steel, Plastic, Glass
  • Finish: Painted
  • Metal Finish: Chrome
  • Protective Qualities: Shock Resistant
  • Safety and Security Features: Auto Shutoff
  • Care and Cleaning: Wipe Clean, Dishwasher Safe Parts, Hand Wash
  • Assembly Details: assembly required, no tools needed
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