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Curious Creamery: At-Home Natural Ice-Cream Maker

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Hold on to your cones, the ice cream industry has just been revolutionized! Wanted to share Curious Creamery  with you– the market’s first at-home, natural ice-cream system that allows anyone with a sweet tooth to make real, premium ice cream in any flavor, in a matter of minutes. The perfect after-school or weekend activity for your kids!


Currently in its kickstarter phase (with just 29 days left). Here’s how anyone, with any skill level in the kitchen can make any flavor of ice cream right in the recyclable tub, with NO MESS.

3 step

  • Fill the tub to the indicated line with ice cold water (or any other cold liquid)
  • Mix the full contents of the provided pouch and stir gently to combine
  • Use an electric hand mixer (or just some strong hands) to evenly mix for 2-3 minutes
  • Add flavor or inclusions as desired (fruit, cookies, candy, whatever!)
  • Freeze!
The results?
  • DIY artisanal ice cream (OR ICE CREAM CAKE!) with no machine
  • Guilt-free indulgence (at just 100 calories per scoop)
  • None of the yucky stuff: preservatives, gluten, trans-fats or artificial ingredients
  • A carbon foot print 90% less than most ice cream
The Curious Creamery is an ingenious system that enables you to create premium frozen desserts and ice cream in any flavor in minutes.

ice cream cakes

The industrial process of ice cream making hasn't changed since it was invented in the mid 1800's, just with a lot more pollution and worse ingredients. But we are here to change all of that!
Fun for Friends, Family and Foodies. Are you looking for great activities to enjoy with your children? Or perhaps hosting a party for a special occasion that calls for a special dessert? Or just want to impress your friends with a unique gourmet treat? The Curious Creamery offers all of this and more. And with innovative packaging that makes it easy to prepare and clean-up, you have the opportunity to make something very cool within 10-minutes (plus freeze time...after all this product is all-natural).

The Power of Choice. The Curious Creamery offers a way to enjoy high quality ice cream that is tailored to your pallette or occasion. YOU choose whether to turn your ice cream and frozen desserts into fluffy, low-calorie treats or creamy indulgences. You can make any flavor you can imagine!

Nutritional Empowerment. The Curious Creamery Ice Cream Powder Mix contains NO ARTIFICIAL INGREDIENTS. When made with water, The Curious Creamery has only about 100 calories per serving! And that's just the start. Now you can choose whether to use water, skim milk, whole milk, or cream to control your caloric intake.

 You can even choose to use juice, liquid yogurt or iced teas and coffees. You can also choose your own mix-ins, so the choice of sweet gooey indulgences or healthy fruit or even vegetable-laden recipes is yours to make.

Save the Planet! No joking. By removing the process of making ice cream from large, energy-intensive factories and refrigerated supply chain, we've been able to reduce the carbon footprint of ice cream by almost 90%!

With lower calories, lower carbon footprint and delicious fun at your disposal you can truly enjoy a customized, guilt-free treat just the way you like it.


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