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Saturday, October 11, 2014

PACT Organic Clothing- Fall 2014 Line #Organic #FallFashion

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Fall is in full effect here, and that means changing up our wardrobes. Putting those shorts and bathing suits away, and slipping into something warmer. Bringing out the boots, jackets, and pants! Pact has a brand new fall line that is brilliant at giving us what we need while making us look good while being comfortable.


 PACT has released a line of Fair Trade certified basics and new patterns for Fall 2014. Their Fair Trade line boasts 78 different items across 19 product styles including leggings, camisoles, t-shirts, and their amazing signature undies.

pact baby

Pact has definitely stolen my fashionista heart straight from the beginning! They combine simple yet beautifully executed, comfortable clothes that are also affordable. What makes it even cooler is that their socks are made from WIND POWER! They even make a line for babies, how cute is that?

20141010_200824[1]   20141010_201333[1] 

The Organic Cotton Watermelon Camisole is my absolute favorite camisole in my closet. The watermelon color is just amazing with my coloring, I absolutely love it. I can pair it with anything, and just about any color bottoms. Just depends on what look I’m going for. I can pair it with jeans and boots, dress pants with heels, or even leggings. It’s perfect!

With a below-the-hip length, a flattering rusched neckline and vintage lace trim its perfect as a layering piece or all by itself. I love how this feels on my body. It doesn’t feel like any other camisole I’ve ever worn, it feels super soft and comfortable. It lets my body breathe, so it’s amazing for working out or layering under another shirt. It keeps me from getting too hot when it’s layered. I love it.

It is very fitting, which I adore. It’s hard for me to find camisoles that fit me right because I’m small framed. Usually camisoles (especially those with a rusched neckline) leave me feeling naked. I would feel like if I leaned over too far it would show all my goods (not that I have MUCH to show, but still). I love that I don’t have to feel like crossing my arms around my chest when people are standing over me.

I also am amazed at how it clings to my bodies natural curves. It isn’t too tight or too lose, it feels absolutely amazing. The length is perfect for me because I don’t like my shirts riding up. I have a problem with my pants poking out when I sit down, where I have a larger butt than waist. I don’t have to constantly worry that someone is going to walk behind me when I’m sitting and see anything they shouldn’t!
I swear I couldn’t have found a better fitting camisole even if I had one custom made for me. The straps aren’t too long or too tight, which is awesome. It doesn’t have adjustable straps, which is fine by me. I usually end up hating the adjustable straps anyway, I end up getting them all crossed and messed up. Especially after a couple washes, they end up rolling up or doing something funky. It eventually ends up hurting if I lean back in a chair or whatever. These are perfect. 

It does NOT have a built in bra—which is also fine by me. I don’t really like the built-in bras, either. I wear my own underneath camisoles because I don’t feel the built-ins give me enough coverage. I always feel like I’m standing around half exposed. Even after I’ve washed it at least 5 times, there is still no shrinkage or shredding! It’s a great quality product, and is organic. So, again.. this is the PERFECT camisole for me.
     pact leg 2pact leg1 
A closet must-have, layer these supersoft PACT black stretch leggings under all the season's hottest dresses and skirts, or keep it simple and rock them with a PACT tee. I could seriously rock PACT leggings on a daily basis, they are extremely comfortable and look amazing.

I chose the black leggings because I could wear them with anything. I chose right, because I CAN wear these leggings anywhere and not look like I just woke up and rolled out of bed. I am 5’4 and 120 pounds and got a medium. I have thicker legs and butt compared to most petite girls, and so these fit me perfect.

They aren’t too snug on my legs or make me feel like I am smothering. They aren’t too loose in the waist, which is what I was afraid would happen. They feel a little on the lighter side of leggings, not super thick and uncomfortable when running or working out. The thicker leggings seem itchy and uncomfortable to me (well the ones I have worn).

They aren’t bulky and tight when worn under skirts or dresses. I really appreciated that. Usually the bands on the waist are a bit thick, causing my clothes to fit extra tight. These don’t, they fit like underwear because I don’t notice that they are there. I can even put these under jeans when I go on a hunting trip with my uncles, for extra warmth and not feel like I can barely move. Just perfect, because I don’t feel like they ride up when I sit down. AND no wedgies LADIES!!

They wash and dry very well, coming out the same as they went in. They weren’t stretched out, or shrunk into a tiny nothingness. The fabric holds extremely well, it doesn’t create those little pesky balls of rolling fabric that I call caterpillar balls.

Very high quality fabric and fits well, and not made with ANY kind of pesticides, fertilizers, bleaches, no sweatshops, no nasty stuff at all. For those who have sensitive skin or just don’t want to subject your body to nasty chemicals, PACT would be perfect for you! PACT definitely gets an A+ on the pleasing scale. If you are looking for leggings to wear throughout the different seasons, you have to try these!
This item fits true to size. Any way you wear them, these are some good legs to stand on.
The best part is that PACT is Fair Trade certified. Fair Trade matters because people make your clothes, not robots. Fair trade supports the people who make these clothes by giving back. You get super soft, organic clothes, socks, and underwear while helping pact support organic farmers to give even more back to the communities where it all starts. PACT is a GOTS certified brand that offer a safe, clean working environment that limits their impact on the environment.

pact in

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