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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Piper’s Perfumery Fragrance Mists

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Pipers Perfumery is a new fragrance line that recently launched in September 2014. They offer a collection of fragrance mists that are both romantic as well as whimsical, perfect for any time of the year. Every one of these fragrances are inspired by the “girl next door”, so they are all perfect for daily wear and are very lighthearted mists.

             piper f
There are seven breathtaking fragrance mists. Inspired by Piper, the easy-going girl next door who exudes confidence and beauty in the most non-threatening way, each fragrance transports the user into a particular mindset from carefree beach wanderer to a seductive date night. Be more than a girl, be Piper.  Piper is an attitude, a mindset and a lifestyle.

I love the design of the front of the bottles. Each fragrance has it’s own design that fits that scent to a T. I love fragrances- whether they be candles, wax melts, or perfume/sprays. I was excited to get to try these amazing mixtures. I’ve never been so amazed in my life with the blends of a body spray until now. These are truly unique and Pipers Perfumery certainly know what they are doing!

Love Spark
20141023_211741 piper love

Charming: Light a spark with this delightful blend of wild berries, peach blossoms, and sweet pea.

Top Notes: Wild berries, Red Apple, Melon Water
Middle Notes: Peach Blossom, Jasmine
Base Notes: Sweet Pea, Wild Rose, French Ozone

My Review

Out of the 4 fragrances I received, this one is my absolute favorite- Hands down. This is a light flirty scent, with the Sweet Pea, Wild Berries, and Peach Blossom being the most noticeable accents for me. The blend is fantastic and absolutely mouthwatering.

This is fruity, floral, and sensual. It isn’t overly IN YOUR FACE sweet or overpowering, which is what I love. People can’t smell me from a mile away, but if they lean in- they can get a whiff of the amazingness. The sweet succulent scent of Sweet Pea (which I have always LOVED) mixed with the melon water and wild rose just dazzles me.

I used to wear B&BW Sweet Pea until I got older and it ended up being overly sweet for my tastes. The berries & floral combination mixed with in this tones down the sweetness. This is more of a light floral fragrance more than sweet, so Jackpot for me!

Eye Candy
20141023_211731piper eye 

Luscious: All Eyes are on you with this sweet scent: A luscious combination of succulent strawberries, sugarcane, and whipped vanilla.

Top Notes: Sweet Strawberry, Raspberry
Middle Notes: Pink Macaroon, Cotton Candy, Sugar Cane
Base Notes: Whipped Vanilla Bean

My Review
“Eye Candy” is sweet, luring, and very feminine. This is a very distinct yet sexy smell. The fruit blends well with the sugar and cotton candy, yet it isn’t overly sweet. Most fragrances with cotton candy/sugar mix smell sickly sweet and very overpowering to the senses. This one isn’t like that at all. It’s very light, delicate, and yummy.

This is a magical, dreamy, gourmand scent. It is cozy, comforting, and brings memories of the county fair. It is fun, flirty, and simply amazing. This is also amazing for spraying on my bed sheets and linen, it smells so delicious. It isn’t cloying at all, and stays delightful all day. The fruit and vanilla take this over the top to amazing. I even let my daughter wear this to school.

It brings out the sweet tooth in everyone!

Delicate French Vanilla:
20141023_211754 piper mor
Elegant: Be decadent with the indulgent aroma of brown sugar delicately wrapped in rich vanilla crème.

Top Notes: Warm Vanilla, Sweet Orange
Middle Notes: Brown Sugar, Vanilla Orchid
Base Notes: Cedar Wood, Sweet Amber, Creamy Musk

My Review
This is a pretty, light, and non-foody smelling. Some vanilla fragrances and lotions have that vanilla extract/alcohol type smell, but this one doesn’t. I love that it isn’t too sweet smelling thanks to the Cedar Wood and Creamy Musk additives. It’s more like a soft, delicate, enticing smell of the blended Amber, Orange, and Brown Sugar.

This isn’t like any vanilla fragrance I’ve ever tried, which is a good thing. I usually wouldn’t pull towards something that smelled “musky” or had it even printed on the bottle. Don’t let it fool you though, it doesn’t smell musky. It’s a mellow, comforting smell that isn’t overpowering. It isn’t too strong and it lasts awhile. My mom absolutely LOVES this one. I love the delicate lace they have pictured on the front, fits this perfectly.

Moroccan Dream
piper mor 20141023_211804
Tropical: Escape to the tropics with the playful blend of exotic mango and juicy mandarin.

Top Notes: Exotic Mango, Tangerine Sugar, Pink Grapefruit
Middle Notes: Orange Hibiscus, Tropical Melon, Juicy Mandarin
Base Notes: Sunrise Vanilla, Malibu Musk, Sensual Woods

My Review
This is a floral, fruity fragrance that smells SO good. It has such an exotic smell, makes you think of sipping a margarita on a beach in Hawaii. This will definitely appeal to those who love the smell of exotic fruits.

This brings thoughts of summertime and happiness, feet in the water, just sitting back relaxing. This is sweet, crisp, and sensual all at the same time. This is uplifting, very feminine, and dries down to warm fruity flowery scent that lingers for hours. It isn’t overpowering and doesn’t have to be sprayed more than twice.

It is more fruity smell because of the amazing mixture of the mango, tangerine, grapefruit, mandarin, and melon- but the floral does shine through. It’s tropical without being tacky. The mango, orange hibiscus, and vanilla are the notes that shine through most for me. I love it!

piper one
($4.98 each at Wal-Mart and Walmart.com)

They also have 3 others I didn’t receive:

· Sea salt & Rosewater: Top notes of Wild Freesia, Casaba Melon and Apple Blossom, lead into mid tones of Sea Salt Accord and Rosewater Jasmine, and end with dry notes of Driftwood and Musk.

· Naughty & Nice: Top notes of Sweet Mandarin and Cyclamen lead into mid tones of Sensual Jasmine, White Cedar and Sugared Amber Crystals, ending with dry notes of Creamy Sandalwood, Warm Vanilla Bean and Musk.

· Sheer Blue: Top notes of Crisp Apple, Bright Bergamot and Lemon Zest lead into mid tones of Bluebell, Sheer Jasmine and delicate Rose, ending with dry notes of White Amber, Blonde Woods and Musk.

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