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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Zabada Eco-Friendly Bathroom Glove & Marvel Cleaning Cloth

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When you clean your home, you naturally want it to be bacteria free right? Do you ever think about what chemicals the products you use to clean your home has inside them? Take a stand against all those nasty chemicals with Zabada. You don’t need anything other than the Zabada Bathroom Glove, Zabada Marvel Cleaning cloth, and water.

Yes, ONLY water. There’s no need for any chemical induced sprays or products. Add water to the mitt, wipe down the dirt, and dry with the cloth. It’s really that easy. Do you usually clean with paper towels? Think about how much money you will save by using the Zabada products. Not only the money, but think of how you’ll be helping the environment by NOT throwing away all those paper towels.

When I got the Zabada products, it came with instructions as to how to properly use them. You get them, wash them first, and then you can use them. Do not use bleach, fabric softeners, or harsh laundry detergents when washing them. You place them in a laundry bag, toss them in the washer in cold/warm water and tumble or air dry them. They don’t have to be washed after every use, so that’s awesome as well.


The Zabada Glove is a very unique design, it totally kicks other microfiber cleaning mitts to the curb. They couldn’t compare if they tried. I love that this isn’t just another boring mitt that’s just sitting around taking up space. Not only does it work 100% every single time, but it adds character because of the cute designs they have.

The glove is very easy to use- just wet the glove with water and roll the glove up to squeeze out the extra water. Wipe whatever it is that needs cleaning and then follow with drying with the Zabada cloth. Super easy. I was very impressed when they claimed that the Zabada mitt wouldn’t transfer dirt, even residue from makeup; lipstick, eyeliner..etc . I put it to the test, and wa-lah they were right on the money.

 20141022_231355 20141022_231311
 Excuse my appearance, lol. Long day of cleaning.. and removing wallpaper to re-do the house

It was amazing not having to use any elbow grease, just wiped it slightly and it was gone. I ran my fingers over the area after I wiped it, and there was absolutely no left over lipstick or eyeliner. NO streaks, residue, or anything. That wasn’t hard at all. The best part is there wasn’t even any fiber residue stuck to the mirror, WOW. This has made bathroom clean-up a breeze.

The cloth that comes with the glove is used to wipe up any moisture that the glove leaves behind. This is because bacteria WILL grow where moisture is present, so this cloth eliminates that moisture. No moisture, no bacteria. This cloth doesn’t leave behind any streaks or fibers either. Wiping the surface right after cleaning, will kill all bacteria that could potentially harm you and your family.


You don’t have to JUST use this in your bathroom (just make sure you wash it before you switch rooms). I have used it to clean the inside of my washer and dryer, as a duster *WOW, the dirt just clings to it*, and counter wipe-down after I wash dishes. Cleaning is super quick now, super easy, and doesn’t cost me and arm and a leg. With the additional benefits of not having to spend money on chemically induced cleaners or paper towels.

Zabada is the only complete cleaning system that’s scientifically-proven to:
Rid homes of 90% of harmful chemicals
Remove up to 99% bacteria
Clean faster with a simple wet and wipe
Last 2-3 years to save money
Outlast generic microfiber cloths that lose power after 20 washes
Reduce water consumption by 20%
Reduce energy by 30%
Reduce solid waste by 50%
Reduce air and surface pollutants
Lower potential health risks

About Zabada:
Zabada is crusading to rid homes, and the planet, of poisionous chemical cleaners. We’re taking a stand against chemicals that leave toxic residues and emissions for your skin to absorb and kids to breathe- chemicals known to poision and cause serious harm. We’re crusaders with integrity and a solution that’s scientfically proven to clean better, faster, and healtier. And joining our mission are millions of households across Europe and Austrailia who’ve already shed the HAZMAT suit and converted to chemical-free living with the Zabada system.

 To learn more about Zabada and their products, visit them on the Zabada Website & Follow them online:
Facebook & Twitter

Had you ever heard of Zabada before?
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