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Friday, November 7, 2014

11 Awesome Places to Promote & Submit Your Giveaway

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As bloggers, we ask the same question every time – where are the best places to submit giveaways? Where will the giveaways will get seen by people who want to enter? But isn’t spammy and gets considerable traffic?

Here are the answers. These are websites that are up-to-date with their postings (meaning the authors have recently been posting to their sites), and get tons of traffic who want to see your giveaways. Post away!

Also, if you’re a reader LOOKING for more giveaways, by all means visit these sites. You cannot join the FB groups, but you can enter giveaways on the websites. (and good luck☼)


giveaway promote

Giveaway Promote- Giveaway Promote is ran by a good blogger friend of mine, Bridget Gillian. She has an amazing site for both adding your giveaways and finding others. If you’re a blogger, she will let you submit your giveaway for free. You can pay just a small amount to be promoted at the top of the site as well. (which is better because MANY people are looking to her for the most amazing giveaways). You’ll find everything- gift cards, money, electronics, kitchen gadgets, cloth diapers…etc. SO much more.

Submit your giveaway here: Giveaway Promote



Makobi Scribe- Makobi Scribe is a blogger just like the rest of us, but she put a new giveaway linky up monthly I think. You just submit your giveaway to the linky list, takes about 3 seconds.

Submit Your giveaway here: Makobi Scribe

 contest corn

Contest Corner- Another blog dedicated to bringing the best giveaways and letting you submit them. Doesn’t take very long, captcha is required (although it’s the 3 number captcha)

Submit your giveaway here: Contest Corner



Mom Bloggers Club- You’ll have to sign up for Mom Bloggers Club, but it’s something you want to do as a blogger anyway. Mom Bloggers Club is filled with sources of information and some amazing bloggers along the way.

Submit your Giveaway here: Mom Bloggers Club



Etsy Giveaways- This is just what it sounds like, a place to submit your giveaways from Etsy shops. So that people who want to win handmade goods, don’t have to sift through a giant pile.

Submit your giveaway here: Etsy Giveaways


giveaway monkey

Giveaway Monkey- This site is dedicated to giveaways and contests, although it isn’t like a sweeping website (which I find a little spammy and hard to sift through). This is a great website! Submit your giveaway right at the top!

Submit your giveaway here: Giveaway Monkey


giveaway bandit

Giveaway Bandit- This is an amazing giveaway submission site, although it’s more than that. It’s a regular blog as well, but people definitely visit to see the giveaways. I definitely love how everything is organized within certain categories right in the tab. Makes it easy to move around.

Submit Your Giveaway here: Giveaway Bandit


bloggy give

Bloggy Giveaways- This is also a site dedicated to the blog giveaways floating around.. Your giveaway must be live and at least $75 to be able to submit it. But the site also has a linky to submit those that aren’t.

Submit your giveaway here: Bloggy Giveaways



FB Groups

Blog Giveaways-List Yours Here

Blog Giveaways & Sweepstakes

Giveaway Listings


Know any more amazing sites to list or find giveaways? drop me a comment..




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