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Every year when summer season is about to start, we all start to worry about our figure and finding a bikini that will make us feel ravishing. There are so many choices: Moderate, minimal, full, and skirted, thong or boy shorts. Which one is the right one for you? Whether you go on vacation or a romantic getaway you definitely need options.

We need to select the right bikini bottom depending on our body shape and style. If we want to make our buttocks look bigger, low-waisted is the answer. We can emphasize our figure with ruffles and stripes. For a smaller impact, darker colors will create this fantasy and minimize our volume. This is the reason why every woman should have a black bikini. If what you need is for your legs to show off more, high-waisted bottoms will definitely provide you with this unique look.

Hip-waisted bikinis and boy shorts create a shorter leg effect.


Short Torso: Low rise bikini bottoms helps stretch out the middle section. Stay away from boy shorts they can make your torso even smaller.

Longer Torso: Low-waisted bottoms and bikini with side ties are very flattering.

Smaller Waist: Look for ruffles, drapes or skirt. Color blocked panels give the illusion of a trimmer waist while prints like diagonal or v shaped help to create a leaner silhouette.

Hide Love Handles: Bottoms with a moderate coverage that sits on your hips. You can also pin up a retro suit that have high to mid- rise coverage.


Minimal: These minimal cuts are great for tanning. These slim bottoms are made to create a chic cheeky design. Very flattering and expose your buttocks to flaunt your figure.

Moderate: They are the most comfortable cut and style. This design offers medium coverage to maximize fashion in a way that your body is comfortable and conveniently sexy.

Full Coverage: Perfect for active styles. They are designed to provide additional coverage and a great solution to surfers and swimmers. This cut is very traditional, yet flattering to the lower stomach and bottom.

At the end of the day there are so many choices and options to pick from. Don´t be afraid to order different sizes for your top and another one for your bottom because you could have small bust with larger hips or the other way around. Keep it tasteful!


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Anything you pick or choose, wear it with confidence. Use cover-ups or sarongs, if necessary, and can help you feel more comfortable when you are out of the water. You may prefer the beach, pool or lake, but there is one thing that we all women agree upon and that is getting our new swimwear for next season can be intimidating. Get the look you want depending on your style.


Disclosure: This is a sponsored guest post from Sunbain.




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