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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Puritan’s Pride: Great Quality, Affordable Vitamins & Supplements

 puritans pride

Disclosure: Items mentioned in this post were sent for review purposes only; all opinions are honest.

Puritan's Pride is a big nutritional supplement company that was founded over 50 years ago. Puritan’s Pride founder Arthur Rudolph realized that there was a huge demand for high quality supplements that were affordable and conveniently available.

Arthur Rudolph made his dream into a reality by using his extensive knowledge of the vitamin industry. He created the Puritan, a mail-order catalog company that allowed all residents of the United States to order safe & effective nutritional supplements without having to make a run to a vitamin store. They would be shipped right to their front door.

Working with consumers needs, Puritan's Pride made the transition from a mail-order catalog to a fully-featured website. Puritan's Pride maintains high customer support standards and offering one of the best return policies I’ve ever seen. You are able to return any product within a year of buying it- sealed or opened, for a complete refund.

 puritans pride

Puritans Pride sent me 4 of their products; Ginger Root, Probiotic 10, Herbal Laxative, & Peppermint Tea.

No Artificial Color, Flavor or Sweetener, No Preservatives, No Sugar, No Starch, No Milk, No Lactose, No Soy, No Gluten, No Wheat, No Yeast, No Fish. Sodium Free.

Ginger Root (550 MG)

ginger root Pill SizeRapid Release

Ginger root is a popular, reputable remedy for a variety of illnesses and ailments. Some of those illnesses include; motion sickness, nausea, fever, indigestion, loss of appetite, and even chills, cold, and the flu. It helps with menstrual cramps, heartburn, boosting blood circulation, and even lowering blood pressure and cholesterol.

Ginger root is generally used for treating Dyspepsia, which is discomfort caused after eating. This discomfort includes gas, bloating, heartburn, and nausea. It is also amazing at preventing or relieving nausea from chemotherapy, pregnancy, motion sickness, and even surgery.

This is perfectly fine to take while pregnant, so you go ahead and relieve that terrible, horrible, no-good morning sickness. Instead of drinking ginger ale or eating candies that contain ginger- you can take this and avoid the extra calories and sugars.

Ginger is also a potent anti-inflammatory herb that helps relive pain associated with arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, headaches, and toothaches. So instead of taking pain relievers on a daily basis, Ginger is a natural way to relieve that pain.

puritan ginger root

The Puritan’s Pride Ginger Root supplement is a piece of cake to swallow, since it’s only about an inch long. It smells exceptional where vitamins are concerned, usually they smell like hay to me. This one doesn’t really have a smell, which I like.

The Puritan’s Pride Ginger Root is amazing because they are gelatin capsules. The capsule holds the pure milled ginger root powder inside. This is what keeps the smell and taste to a minimum. Which is great for people who don’t like the taste or smell of supplements. The capsule dissolves with no after-taste or side effects.

If you have problems swallowing and couldn’t possibly manage to swallow this, you can always use it in other ways that are just as beneficial. You can break open the capsule and use the powder to make it easier to consume. You can add it to a hot tea or even cook some pretty amazing stuff with it.

Ginger Tea, Ginger Honey Tea, Ginger Chicken Stir-Fry, Ginger Chicken Soup.. you name it, there’s probably a recipe that you’ll love.

Get it: Ginger root

Buy 1, Get 2 Free> 3 bottles for only $8.99

          Buy 2, Get 4 Free> 6 bottles for only $17.98



Probiotic 10

probiotic 10

For people concerned with their digestive health, Probiotic 10 is an amazing choice. It contains acidophilus and helps with the absorption of nutrients, encourages intestinal balance, and promotes healthy functioning of the intestinal system.

There are bacteria and other organisms that live normally in our bodies. These are the "Friendly" bacteria that help the break down of food while helping absorb more nutrients. You need these bacteria to keep you healthy and going strong.

Stress, disease, getting sick, poor diet, or medications such as antibiotics can weaken and reduce the amount of “friendly” bacteria in your body. If that happens your health won’t be balanced any longer; which  can result in bowel problems and even vaginal infections for women.

The “friendly” bacteria also help to fight "unfriendly" organisms that can cause diseases such as diarrhea. So keeping the amount of good bacteria inside your body balanced is definitely essential for your health.

Most people WANT to add a daily probiotic but couldn’t find an option that was high quality AND affordable. Puritan’s Pride is both. The Probiotic 10 contain 10 Probiotic Strains in one  easy to swallow capsule. That is over 20 Billion Live Probiotic Cultures to help keep you healthy.

puritan probiotic

If you are currently taking a liquid probiotic, put it down RIGHT now. You don’t have to taste that vile mess- (eeck). Why subject yourself to that if you don’t have to? These tiny white gel capsules contain absolutely no taste and are super easy to take. If it’s easier to take, don’t you think you’d WANT to take it?

Each bottle contains 120 pills and you take 2 at a time, so that ends up being 60 servings (60 days/ 2 months) per bottle. Buying Puritan’s Pride 3 bottles for the price of 1- will put each pill at only .12 each!

FYI: You can store the unopened container at room temperature. After the bottle is opened it HAS to be kept inside your refrigerator for the bacteria to be “live” when you take it.

Get It: Puritan’s Pride Probiotic 10

Buy 1 Bottle Get 2 Free> 3 for $29.99

Buy 2 Bottles Get 4 Free> 6 for $59.98



Herbal Laxative


Herbal Laxative Tablets are used for the relief of the occasional constipation. Puritan’s Pride Herbal Laxatives consists of no harsh synthetics, so you can be absolutely certain of gentle, yet efficient relief.

Constipation can be caused by a variety of things; not drinking enough water, poor eating habits, not getting enough exercise, and consuming too many dairy products. There are even medications that cause constipation, so read your bottles carefully.

puritan laxative

This product works the way nature intended. It does not cause excess gas or abdominal pains like other laxatives tend to do. I wish I’d had these after having both my kids. I had C-sections and they wouldn’t let me leave the hospital until I had a bowel movement. That was torture right there just taking those laxatives.


Get it: Puritan’s Pride Herbal Laxative (100 count)

Buy 1 bottle Get 2 Free> 3 for $10.99

Buy 2 bottles Get 4 Free> 6 for $21.98



Connect with Puritan’s Pride online:

The Website, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, & Google+



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