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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Air Wick Announces NEW Life Scents Collection! Constantly Changing Fragrances!

airwick all

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post.

Have you heard? Air Wick is once again changing the home fragrance category with their NEW Air Wick Life ScentsTM Collection. This first of its kind collection features new scent technology with constantly changing fragrances crafted to mimic real life experience.

Air Wick® to Recreate Real Life Experiences with New Life ScentsTM Collection Constantly Changing Fragrances Help You Say What You Want to Say About Your Home

Unlike other home fragrances which feature only one scent, each scent uses patent-pending technology with three distinct fragrance notes that are easily experienced alone but also work together to provide one harmonious multi-dimensional experience which evokes unique, personal memories.

RB’s Air Wick® brand is introducing a first of its kind Life Scents collection, a collection of constantly changing fragrances that help us say what we want to say about their homes. The Life Scents collection features patent-pending technology that allows us to experience multi-dimensional fragrances at home.

Unlike ordinary home fragrances, Air Wick’s Life Scents collection is crafted to mimic real life experiences. Only Life Scents fragrances deliver a constantly changing, multi-dimensional experience of singular scent accords. Each Life Scents fragrance contains three distinct fragrance accords that are easily experienced on its own, however the notes also work together to provide one harmonious, multi-dimensional experience that evokes unique, personal memories.

“We wanted to create something that was truly innovative and new to the air care category,” said Tiffany McLaud, Air Wick Marketing Director. “The story your home tells is an important one and we wanted to provide consumers with a fragrance technology that helps to curate and personalize that story.”

How It Works: With their new Mom’s Baking fragrance, one person may smell vanilla first while another will immediately smell the scent of a homemade pie crust or a layer of baked pear.

scent decorator

Air Wick has also launched its Scent Decorator, a new tool designed to promote self-expression in the home.

scent decorator2

Users are asked to choose a combination of images that match the environment they are looking to create at home. After selecting images, users are provided with a page detailing the desired mood, as well as Air Wickfragrances, home décor tips, and DIY projects they can use to curate their homes.

Both the Everyday and Spring collections are available in Scented Oils and Freshmatic Automatic Spray Refills in the following scents:

The Everyday Collection includes: Mom’s Baking, Paradise Retreat, Summer Delights and Sweet Lavender Days!

The Seasonal Spring Collection includes: Lush Hideaway, Mystical Garden, Turquoise Oasis, & Sunshine Gardens~!

^Everyday Collection>

                       Scented Oil          

Say ‘Welcome Home’ with Mom’s Baking. Vanilla, Pie Crust, Baked Pear. Enjoy the aroma of caramelized pears with a hint of spice, baked inside a crumbly, buttery pie crust topped with cool vanilla cream. The fragrance creates a sense of coziness and inspires warm childhood memories at home.

                      Scented Oil

Say ‘Get Away’ with Paradise Retreat. Coconut, Almond Blossom, Cherry. Bring home your own exotic isle with the aroma of almond blossoms and a concoction of creamy coconut and sweet cherries, without ever leaving your living room.

                                 Scented Oil

Say ‘Stay a While’ with Summer Delights. White Flowers, Melon, Vanilla. Use this scent to transform your home into a garden on a beautiful, breezy summer evening with its cool, fruity, floral combination of fresh cantaloupe slices, white flowers, and vanilla ice cream.

                            Scented Oil

Say ‘Relax’ with Sweet Lavender Days. Red Currant, Lavender Petals, Spun Sugar. Let the intoxicating aroma of endless lavender fields, layered with dewy summer berries and warm sugar cane, create a sense of comfort, freshness and relaxation in your home.

-Seasonal Spring Scents Collection>

                     Scented Oil

Say ‘Cool Down’ with Lush Hideaway. Wild Berry, Coconut Water, Fresh Mint. Let the invigorating aroma wild berries, fresh garden mint and splashes of refreshing coconut water create a cooling effect within your home, transforming it into a lush rainforest.

                   Product image - Mystical Garden Scented Oil

Say ‘Let’s Reminisce’ with Mystical Garden. Rose, Raspberry, Marshmallow. Allow the blissful aroma of delicate pink roses and succulent plump raspberries, combined with sweet marshmallow to tell the stories of your childhood. Get lost in a maze of sweet memories, without leaving the comfort of your couch.

                      Scented Oil

Say ‘Summer is Near’ with Turquoise Oasis. Driftwood, Sea Spray, Warm Breeze. Turn your home into a seaside retreat as a warm breeze carrying salty sea spray washes over you, bringing with it the invigorating aroma of weathered driftwood.

                      Scented Oil

Say ‘Drift Away’ with Sunshine Cotton. Sunny Laundry, Sweet Sunshine, Coconut. Tell a story of warm sunny days at the beach, even during the dreariest April shower. This bright cheerful medley of fresh laundry, sweet sunshine and coconut will take you to the beach beneath gently swaying palm trees, warm sunshine and fluffy laundry-fresh towels.

Air Wick Scented Oils and Air Wick Freshmatic Automatic Spray refills from the Everyday and Spring lines retail for $4.99 at Walmart.

airwick fun


Tag #HomeIsInTheAir #ad on a picture of something that helps make your house a home. & be featured in the Air Wick online Gallery!! For inspiration check out the Home Is In the Air page. Don’t forget to post on Social media and tag Air Wick too!


Image Source: These are from the gallery on the Airwick page.. and are in no way MINE. Just thought they were pretty.


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