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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

BIC Products (*New Releases*)- Shoplet Review


Disclosure of Material Connection: I received the products or services mentioned in hope that I would mention it on my blog. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and all opinions are 100% truthful. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255: "Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising."

These office supplies were sent by Shoplet for review. I almost always jump at the chance to test new office supplies because I am totally addicted! I love getting new pens, paper, binders, etc. It makes me a very happy Jess!! How could I resist anyway? BIC has always been a top favorite of mine- affordable yet amazing quality + uniquely designed products.

BIC released 4 new products that I was very excited to test out. It's like an adventure! I get a chance to discover amazing things along the way. The products are the Cristal Stylus 2-in-1 Pen, Atlantis Comfort Ball Pen, Atlantis Exact Retractable Ballpoint Pen and the Magic Marker Brand Window Markers.

                 bic comfort

BIC Atlantis Comfort Ball Pen:
The BIC Atlantis Comfort Ball Pen is a sleek, stylish, retractable ballpoint pen that writes extremely smooth. The color of the barrel matches the color of ink inside. It has a comfort grip, long lasting ink, and a medium size tip. This pen is downright superb. That is all you need to know, right? That it’s so amazing that it is now on my favorite pen list now! Okay, okay, fine, I will tell you why it is so amazing.

The BIC Atlantis Comfort Ball Pen has a grip built in the pen, which is needed in every pen in my opinion. As a writer it’s important so my hand will not get cramps after long writing sessions. I love that I don’t have to take regular breaks to massage my fingers and hand.

The grip isn’t the sticky kind, which is also a plus. WHY? Those sticky grips are super annoying because they attract EVERYTHING! I’d find my dogs hair. my hair, dirt, and everything else stuck to the sticky grip pens. It’s very sleek and the grip is firm.

bic comfort w

This pen is definitely made with quality ink. It writes extremely smooth- containing NO air or bubbles as I write, edit, and re-write. I love that doesn’t skip letters, so I don’t have to re-trace anything. Thoughts flow onto my paper and that is the way it stays. The comfort grip is something every writer, student, or teacher desperately needs and asks for! Relief at last!


BIC Atlantis Exact Retractable Ballpoint Pen:

                        bic exact2
The BIC Atlantis Exact Retractable Ballpoint Pen is a sleek, professional, smooth-click retractable ballpoint pen. It has a full grip area for added comfort and control. It is also a fine point pen, which is why it isn’t on my top favorite list.

bic exact

I like the way that they write, it’s not the pen- it’s the fine point. I don’t think I’ve ever really been drawn to fine point pens. I’ll use them, I just PREFER medium point if I can get it. There is absolutely no hesitation that this pen does give more precise and exact lines when writing. I just have a heavy hand when it comes to writing, which makes my writing sloppy when using fine point.

The pen IS very handy for writing in small print. So if you’re filling out an application or a form, this would be perfect. If you’re a fan of fine point or write small anyway, this is the perfect pen for you! The quality of the pen + ink is top notch, flowing nicely, smoothly, and no bubbles or air within the ink. No need to retrace what I’ve written. Adam LOVES these pens, they are HIS favorite. He favors fine point and has small writing, so he gives them an A+.

                bic 2n1

BIC Cristal Stylus 2-in-1 Pen:
The BIC Cristal Stylus 2-in-1 Pen offers the innovative technology of a stylus and the reliability of a ballpoint pen all in one product. It glides across screens smoothly and easily for fingerprint-free precision and control.

bic cristal

This is actually the first time that I’ve ever tried a Stylus + Pen, and I absolutely adore it. I don’t know why I haven’t gotten one before. I can now write on paper and scroll on my phone (researching) at the same time. As you can see the ink flows smoothly, and is actually TOP 5 of my favorite pens!

It has a medium size tip and just flows without incident. I want to stock up on these!! There’s no bubbles or air gaps within the ink. I love how it showcases my handwriting, and how comfortably it fits within my hand. I can write for long periods without cramping hands or fingers!! A+ from Stylish Southern Mama!!

The Stylus part of this pen is also top notch quality. It fills like air filled rubber and glides very smoothly on my Smartphone, tablet, AND computer touchpad. I love that I can use this on my computer as well to sign my name to contracts and tax forms. I couldn’t do that before, my signature looked like a Kindergartener had forged it. Now there’s no worries about having to explain awful electronic signatures or fingerprints all over the place.

I gave the second one to my Uncle Dave. He has a Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini and giant hands. It was frustrating for him to text people back when he got messages. He was usually using the voice button so he didn’t have to retype texts before sending them. Now he can just clip this pen + stylus into his shirt pocket and whip it out when it’s needed! A+

 bic magic

BIC Magic Marker Brand Window Markers:
The BIC Magic Window Markers feature a highly visible ink specially-designed to adhere to glass. These are definitely the best Window Markers I’ve ever used in more ways than one. They produce vivid, bright colors on both light and dark surfaces. The marker is easily removed when wiped with a wet cloth.

They are an amazing quality window marker. I LOVED that I didn’t have to shake the marker to bring the paint to the tip (Just open and use!) I also appreciated that I didn’t have to hold it at a weird angle to get it to actually work like other window markers. I used it on glass and plastic, with absolutely no smears or drips!. We made my daughter a “craft box” that we stenciled designs with craft paint and the window markers! I love the bullet shaped tip, it makes it so much easier to stencil/ draw with than a wider tip! Great for professional or decorative use.

      adi craft box

Overall I am in LOVE with these new BIC products. They are always on top of their game. Now I have a new favorite pen (the Atlantis Comfort) and Pen+ Stylus (The Cristal). I would absolutely recommend these BIC products. I am especially attached to the Stylus + Pen. Not only does it write amazing but I can use the stylus on my phone, tablet, and even the touch pad on my computer! Makes life 10x simpler!


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