Sunday, April 11, 2010


I have been looking at Crafty Blogs and

here are some that I love..

& Why. You can just click on the name

of the blog and be taken there in a

new window

1. Just Something I made.

I love her DIY stamps..

This would be so awesome on a handmade baby shower gift or Easter…

Here is the link to all of her DIY tutorialz

2. Maximum Rabbit Designs.

I love her DIY Button Stamp

3.This isn’t a blog, but still


This is how to create your own

stamp pad.

(no picture available)..

4. Attic24

I love these Crochet Flowers.

Here’s the tutorial


5. How About Orange

Gift Bow from Magazine Page


6. Blueprint Crafts

DIY Coasters

7. Craftopia

Turn This

into this with this tutorial

That is all for now

I will post some more

interesting tutorials 

later on.

Thanks for giving me your

time & I hope you have a

nice day. % #Jess#


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