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Review: Starlooks November Starbox


Look at this chic, cute, and sophisticated leopard box that came in the mail a couple weeks ago from Starlooks. This is one of my favorite boxes that I’ve gotten from Starlooks. They send 3-4 FULL sized makeup/beauty products a month for only $15.

I love the excitement of not knowing what could be in the box before I open it. It’s a chance to try out some perfectly amazing products for a very cheap price. You aren’t going to find such quality items for this price anywhere!


This is the November Starbox. It came with an amazing lipstick with a touch of moisturizing gloss, a 4 palette eyeshadow, an eyelash tool, and 2 quartz crystal that attracts energy and maintain focus.

The Lipstick



This lipstick has become my go-to lipstick, the Tendergloss Lipstick (PM412 Pearl). It’s more like a colored lipgloss. It gives relief just like chapstick does. I love the shimmery pearl color.

I love that it isn’t waxy and doesn’t dry out like other lipsticks. This is my favorite!



The Eyeshadow Palette


Rusting (i137), Midnight Mongolia (i185)

Coffee Bean(i318) , Void Echo (i270)


The look that I can create with these 4 colors are simply amazing. I love it. So sophisticated, classy, and brings out not only my complexion but the color of my eyes.

I love how each one (except the coffee bean) has a hint of shimmer inside. You can mix and match it up so that you have a day look for work, and a night look for going out with your girls or a date with the hubby.



From Top to bottom.

Rusting (i137),

Midnight Mongolia (i185)

Coffee Bean(i318) ,

Void Echo (i270)

I love the smoky look that I get when I use this. Absolute perfection from only 1 palette.

The only thing about the palette is that they aren’t attached to the base. I would have loved carrying this with me for a go-to touch up. I’m scared to put it in my purse though because I’m scared that the colors are going to break and mix together. Other than that- this is perfect for color from home.



The Mascara Tool


I had to read about what this was for, because at first glace I had absolutely NO clue. This is a 3-in-1 mascara guide that prevents smudging, mascara accidents, and you can use it to brush through your lashes after you’ve applied the mascara to remove those nasty clumps.

I hate getting absolutely flawless eyeshadow and then my extra LONG lashes getting mascara on top of the eyeshadow. BLAH. Then I have to wash it off and re-do the entire eye. That sucks. This prevents that from happening.

You place this under your lashes before applying the mascara to make sure there are no mascara mishaps!

The December box is going to be absolutely fabulous and I can’t WAIT to get this one! I love the eyeshadow application on the picture, so pretty Winking smile


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