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Review: Travalo Refillable Perfume Spray


Travalo is a cute, sophisticated looking refillable perfume atomizer spray that is pocket size. It’s extremely handy. I hate carrying glass bottles of full sized perfume in my purse. One drop or good knock against something and I could have a wasted bottle of perfume, not to mention having it all over everything in my purse including my phone!


Travolo makes it easy to have your favorite fragrance on the go, no matter WHERE you’re going. These are even safe for air travel. NO more confiscated perfume, and then having to buy another bottle when you get where you’re headed.


There are no parts to add or assemble. You just take it right OUT of the pack and begin filling it up. As long as you can get the perfume top off of your bottle, you can add any fragrance you want.

You just pop the top off the fragrance and push the bottom to the tip of the fragrance bottle. You pump the fragrance into the Travolo, and then replace the cap on  your perfume. It can be used for perfume, cologne (for men), or body sprays.


I love how I can check how much is left inside the bottle. It has a clear front so that I always know how much is inside the bottle.

I never run out unexpectedly and I never worry about overfilling it.

I love that because I filled this with Victoria’s Secret Amber Romance Glitter Body spray, I can actually see the gold color of the fragrance and the glitter that’s within the spray. OH so pretty Winking smile

When this is filled it holds 65 sprays, has a large spray head so that I don’t have to spray it more than twice to get the desired amount of smell.

This contains absolutely NO glass parts, so there is never a worry if and when this will shatter. It can’t, because it’s designed to always be durable. It can fall on concrete, tile, and hardwood floors and never even crack. 98% of the bottle is recyclable, thanks to the materials that it’s made with, so it’s eco-friendly as well.


I love that there are so many different colors. You can buy colors to match your purses or clothing, so you always match. OR you can buy your favorite color, so you always have something with the color you love. These would make amazing stocking stuffers for those you love Winking smile

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