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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Kidlandia Review

The Kidlandia Game site is a fun, safe, educational place where kids and rule their own worlds! With fun games, a delightful host Kreechur, a stamping and decorating game, and shop with wonderful accessories for purchase with Kaploons, the Kidlandia Game site offers hours of fun. Kids can play alone, or invite their friends to play with them.”



In Kidlandia, Kid’s get to build their own little world of play, while building their imagination. You get to choose what color and type of popkin (character) you want. You then get to choose hats, clothes, shoes, and something to carry. You’ll then have to help them create a username, password, and provide your email.

Then you’ll have to check your email and click the link, so that Kidlandia knows that your child has permission to play games there. I think that this is an awesome add-on. So you know what they have asked to do before doing it. My kids are too small to do anything without my help anyway, but if there were big enough to play on the internet by themselves—this would be a good choice.!


Your child then gets to name his land, and place all the houses, plants, and other kreeturs wherever she or he wants them. They can hatch eggs to get more kreeturs and win kaploons (money) that you can use in the store.

There are tons of kreeturs to play with and unlock, and organize. The more they play the more kaploons they receive to buy various items from the store.This is a cute and fun personalized game, that gives your child control over everything in their own little “world.”

Not only does this site offer this cute game, but you can also buy personalized items from them. They sell blankets, mugs, placemats, canvases, and more. The items do not all feature kidlandia kreechurs, but Disney and Nickelodeon items as well.

I received the Dora and Lighting McQueen personalized canvases to place on their wall. They are VERY adorable, and there are so many choices of personalization.  It comes with the town’s special day, and each (White and Red lettering) can be personalized.

It gives you ideas on how to personalize this (child’s name, last name, mom’s name, dad’s name, siblings’ name, friends’ name..)


This is what the Radiator Springs one looks like. Aidan has his full name on it. With little personalization here and there… HE LOVED IT! He thought it was the best thing in the world. (He DOES love Lightening Mcqueen though) and LOVED seeing his name in print beside MATER and all the rest.

If your trying to think of a personalization gift that hasn’t been overdone.. whether for your kid, grandkid, niece, nephew, friends’ kid.. You can’t beat this. It’s only $20.. so price isn’t bad either.

Free personalization including Primary name, birthday, title, additional names (up to 25), additional characters, plants, animals, and poses.


This ISN’T the one Adisyn received (of course) but taking a photo isn’t exactly doing so well. You can’t see the words very well..

But she received the Dora poster.. She is a Dora freak. Everything there is to have of Dora—she wants or has. Shoes, pajamas, panties, chairs, socks.. etc. So when I seen this,, I knew she would love it.

You can purchase these items at the Kidlandia Shop HERE.

Be sure to check out Kidlandia with your little guy/gal – you won't regret it for even a second!!.

You could also connect with Kidlandia on Facebook & Twitter. :D

Disclosure: I was sent item for review purposes. However, all opinions stated are my own.



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