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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Mineral Hygienics Review

Mineral Makeup Cosmetics

Mineral Hygienics is an all-natural mineral make-up that is made in the United States. It is completely organic—Meaning no talc, no nuts, no dyes or fragrances, No Gluten or Bismuth..

You get 5% cash back on every order, and if you don’t like it ( within 45 days) you can return it.

I love companies that offer your money back if you don’t like their product. This usually means that they are a VERY honest company, and want you to REALLY test it out before making a decision.

With mineral make-up, you have to get it at least a week (if you have never used it before) before saying yay or nay. WHY? It could blend well with certain moisturizers or NOT, you could NOT exactly know how to use the brush and come to realize that once you get the hang of it, that your makeup seems more and more flawless.

I had this issue. I realized that I was putting too much makeup in the lid at first and it was clumping (in spots). And that I was DIPPING the brush and not SWIRLING. For the best results—tap a little makeup in the top of the lid at a time and SWIRL the brush in circles to help it pick up the makeup. The swirling actually warms the minerals and helps it stick to your face longer, smoother, and without all the clumps.. silly me.

I really did like this make-up. I am one to go with the trend of make-up. I try and stick with mineral as much as possible. When I was younger and heard all the horror stories about lipstick being made from dolphin and whale fat—it disgusted  me. I didn’t wear makeup for a VERY long time. Only eyeshadow for the longest.

Since companies are becoming greener, I have started back and am TOTALLY glad. I look flawless everyday (even though my skin is uneven) because of the way mineral makeup makes your skin look. It’s like it forms to your face as a second skin and covers all blemishes without KNOWING you have makeup covering it.

I was sent 6 different colors of the Mineral Hygenics Makeup to try. The 6 were Silk Translucent, Light, Fairly Tan, Medium Light, Medium, and Warm Kiss.

Before putting on any mineral makeup, I suggest getting a makeup primer or a really good moisturizer. If you do this, your makeup will stay WAY longer than if you applied it without.

I tried every single one of these foundations. Every single one of them work amazing well. I WISH I had DARKER skin tone, but I ended up using Medium Light mixed with skin translucent bronzed with warm kiss.


It created the most beautiful look. It looked sunkissed, natural and you couldn’t even HINT at me actually having makeup on. It didn’t peel off, fade away, or gently disappear. One day I was so exhausted that I even took a nap with this on—I woke up and my face looked EXACTALY the same. I was amazed that my pillow hadn’t made any of it come off.

Now that summer is on it’s way (very fast, if I must say) I am always looking for a way to keep actual sunrays off of my face without having to smother it in sunblock. This makeup has natural SPF ingredients that are chemical free. It protects against both UVA and UVB rays.

This makeup allows your skin to breathe because it doesn’t soak up the natural oils or moisture in your face cells. Most do—and shortly your face can turn into an icky ooey gooey mess—that WILL need to be redone. I can say that for mineral Hygenics that isn’t the case. I took the kids to the park on the hottest day of the week last week and I still didn’t have to retouch up my foundation.

Mineral Makeups (Most of them) claim to be organic (etc).. but ARE they? REALLY? How can you REALLY tell? Look at the ingredients. The less ingredients there are in a makeup, the better off your going to be. The less your going to have to google search.. lol

I do this all the time. I google search stuff to make sure I won’t end up with some horrible rash or something after using it. This makeup has 4—yes FOUR ingredients. Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Oxide, Iron Oxide, and Mica. Google search THOSE. No harmful ingredients in sight.

This isn’t a makeup that will make your face SHINE. It is designed to mimic the actual “reactions” of skin. So it is designed (as a matte finish) to not give gleam and glare to your face. It actually gives quite an airbrushed look. My face was smooth, soft, and NEVER itched EVER.

This is perfect for every skin tone, whether you are extremely fair skinned, olive skinned, or VERY tan. They have a shade for you. I would suggest getting the starter kit though, so you can test the waters so to speak. I thought I’d use a medium darker and I was SO wrong. That is usually the case with women and their makeup.. So go a little lighter at first and work your way up to a darker shade.. see which one is best for you. They have a section on their website that helps you choose the best color for you.

Medium (My Best Shade)

This is our most popular shade. When exposed to the sun your skin will tan very easily and in most situations you will not burn. You probably do not have skin sensitivity issues. Your neutral or warm undertones will look beautiful in our minerals!

  • Medium Light - Cool to Neutral Undertones
  • Medium - Neutral Undertones

Celebrities that best fit this shade:

  • Pamela Anderson
  • Jennifer Aniston

You should check out their application tips, which are VERY helpful in getting the best coverage.

Really awesome make-up. Organic all the way. Very great coverage, sun protection, no problems with it at all. The only thing I didn’t like about it was the brush. The brush was really scratchy.. I had another brush and used it, and the makeup was awesome. Other than the brush—I love IT!!

Disclosure: Mineral Hygienics provided me with a sample of product for my review but my opinions are my own. This isn’t a sponsored Post.



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