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Friday, August 24, 2012

Glass Handbag Review & Giveaway

How many times have you been looking for something in your purse and not been able to find it? I am pretty sure that I do this almost DAILY. It get’s frustrating, especially if I am in line somewhere and it takes me forever.                  
I end up dumping everything out, searching for that one thing- and then having to put everything back in my purse! It gets VERY aggravating! It makes a mess of things and usually holds me up in the line forever- making the people behind me mad.image
I was excited to be able to review a Glass Handbag. With the Glass Handbag (No-it’s not glass).. It comes with a built in light. So it makes it SO much easier to see. It even comes with extra batteries. Even if you run THOSE dead- it only takes 2 AAA batteries of ANY kind.
2012-06-03 18.35.232012-06-03 18.35.30
I chose the Exotic Snake Print Structured Brown Leather Satchel. I am in love with this purse and have been using it since it came in the mail. I’m not usually the type to use the same purse for more than a week- but this bag definitely changed my mind on that one!
This purse has a light inside so that I can see whatever it is I’m looking for. No more digging and digging and coming up empty handed. Even if I am in a dark parking lot, I can find my keys to unlock my truck!
The little black thing is the battery holder. You put the batteries in the back of it- (has a slip on and off back) and unplug one of the little cords to make it light up. The battery pack has it’s own storage space inside the purse!
2012-06-03 18.35.36
The inside is so spacious! There is tons of room to carry my wallet, lotion, perfume, makeup bag, keys, and camera. AND more room if I wanted to add something else.
2012-06-03 18.35.562012-06-03 18.35.44
Here are the two sides. In the big zipper I can hold whatever I want- whether it be a little notebook and a pen to take notes while I wait for Aidan in the pick-up line at school.
In the side with 2 pockets a small zipper- I hold my cell phone, coupons, and MP3 player and earphones- so Adisyn doesn’t get bored while we sit and wait for the pickup line to start moving.
2012-06-03 18.38.002012-06-03 18.38.22
It has a zip top closure on the top. Which I love. I can KNOW that if my purse drops, all my stuff isn’t going to come tumbling out. BUT it also has a magnetic automatic flap closure as well.
If I am being lazy and don’t want to fully zip the purse on my way out of the house- I can just flip the closure over and it automatically grasps the other side of the purse. AND nothing comes out!!
2012-06-03 18.36.092012-06-03 18.36.48
There is nothing like owning a perfectly designed, luxurious handbag. It makes a woman feel classy and sophisticated. These bags are REAL leather, and designed with absolutely NO flaws what-so-EVER!
Not only does this come with the regular handles that you see on my shoulders, but it came with an additional cross body shoulder strap as well. It makes having this bag an even better experience. Two ways to carry it in ONE!
It has the protective feet on the bottom to make sure the leather on your bag doesn’t become scratched or beaten up if you sit it down without thinking (which I sometimes AM guilty of doing!).
Glass Handbags offers handbags, evening bags and duffel bags. I already have my eye on a duffel bag for my makeup. Who wants to be digging around in a regular bag when they can have a lighted luxury one? NOT me.
These are more expensive than most regular bags, but considering that they are constructed with REAL leather and the electronics of a light inside—it’s totally worth it. Moms have to splurge sometimes too, and this is the best way to splurge. I definitely feel that this is right up at the top with carrying a Prada or Louis Vuitton Bag- people stop and take notice of it.
Even my husband said he really liked the purse and he has never noticed any purse I have ever carried in all our 7 years together.. so obviously- if it gets a mans attention- there is nothing to be worried about.
We went out and I was stopped more times than I could count asking about the purse. I was happy to show them the add-ons of the purse and how it worked. They were definitely impressed with it. They claimed they had never heard of Glass Handbags and said they were definitely going to look into it.
I was GLAD to have been able to help them.. I love this purse and so glad I was able to review it. It is so beautifully designed that it’s hard NOT to take notice of it.
  • Double top handles, 7” drop.
  • Optional cross body shoulder strap
  • 18"-24½" drop Zip top with magnetic closure
  • Two outside zip pockets
  • Two inside zip pocket
  • One inside open pockets
  • Silver logo lining Integrated light system. Light turns on when you open the bag.

A little about Glass Handbag (Source http://www.glasshandbag.com/)
Illuminating Glass Handbags
When you purchase a luxury Glass Handbag you are buying the ultimate in style, function & design. When you open your beautiful designer handbag, purse or evening clutch it casts a functional, uniform pale blue light evenly within. Our top brand handbag selection of Glass Handbag productsincludes:
  • Beautiful Leather Handbags
  • Shimmering Gold Purses
  • Glamorous Crystal Clutches
  • Radiant Jewel Patent Satchels
  • Silver Evening Clutches
  • Stylish and Roomy Duffel Bags
  • Thin Light Takes Virtually No Space
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Moisture Resistant
  • Incredibly Flexible Purse Light
  • No Heat – Light Panel Provides Cool Light
  • Long Life Lasting 25,000 Hours on 2 AAA Batteries
Leather technology:
All of the purses & handbags from Glass Handbag have beautiful leather textures of all kinds, exotic embossed patterns to silky patent leathers.   Patent leather, Napa leather, and natural leathers of the highest quality. 
Buy today and receive FREE SHIPPING on any item!
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Disclosure: This isn’t a sponsored post, products were sent for review purposes only. The opinions in this post are completely honest and not influenced in any way.

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