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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Big Fish Games: Bejeweled 2 Deluxe

I have been playing Bejeweled 2 Deluxe for the last several days and this game is awesome.

Bejeweled 2 Deluxe Image

This game is incredibly easy to learn and highly addictive. With so little spare time, I don’t usually play many games online.. BUT this one is a game that I see myself playing on a daily basis.

If you’re a fan of puzzle games, this game is MUST try! If you’ve ever played the original Bejeweled than you know how addicting this game can be. I lost myself in this game and ended up playing WAY after I was supposed to be in bed.

In the Bejewled 2 Deluxe, they have added many new levels so you get even more hours of fun! This features sharper graphics and ingenious special effects. They’ve added much more than the original has, so it’s 10x better than the original.

This is a game that will never be zapped into the world of game trash. You know- when you’re done playing because you’ve achieved the highest level or simply have gotten bored out of your mind because you’ve played every aspect? This isn’t one of those games. This game is kind of like a classic- you’ll always find this on your desktop, ready to be played time and time again!

In classic mode, there are 64 gems that need to be swapped out and matched up- to create vertical or horizontal rows of the same color. Three in a row is the minimum, four in a row creates an explosive powerful gem that can be used to knock out other rows, and five in a row creates a hyper gem that can be swapped with a color to destroy all gems of that color!

The gems click when you move them around, so it’s nice to have a real-life sound effect going as you play. The gems really glisten and sparkle as if they were real, so this isn’t just a cheap thrown together game. There are actually knock-offs of this game everywhere- but NOT ONE of them actually compare to the real thing.

If you get stuck and take longer than 16 seconds to make a move, a hint will appear. The gems will kind of sparkle even brighter letting you know that there is a move close to that gem.

Puzzle mode is my favorite. You need to clear all the gems exactly right for the puzzle to be clear and to go on to the next level. In Action mode, you have to race the clock to clear all the gems before the time runs out.

AND of course, endless- lets you just play and play to your heart’s content.! Each time you finish a level- the game shows you your best score, how many gems have been collected, how many power and hyper gems have been created and more! WHOOP WHOOP!

Right now, you can download this game for a free 1 hour play at Big Fish Games.

AND if you love it- you can download it FOREVER for only $2.99 right now. It’s the cheapest place that I’ve seen so far. Every other gaming website is charging $7.99 for this game. So- get it while it’s good!

While you’re there, you should check out the Match 3 games, where you match 3 or more colors or shapes and unlock wild and colorful prizes. There are many MANY on there that look so fun and entertaining!

Big Fish Games Homepage has thousands of games fit for both children and adults, including puzzles, brain teasers, educational, and family games. So go check them OUT!!


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