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Review: Romwe- Fashionable Clothing, Jewelry, & Accessories


Romwe is an amazing site filled with fashionable clothing, shoes, jewelry, and accessories. Christmas is right about the corner, and if you haven’t gotten around to getting the diva in your life something- you may want to look towards Romwe.

When I got a chance to work with Romwe on a review, I was excited. You all know how much of a fashionista I am. I LOVE clothes, shoes, and accessories. SO, I spent quite some time looking through the website to decide what I wanted. I had an amazing time looking at all items.

My most favorite part of their website is the jeans! I LOVE new jeans. If you looked at my closet, you’d think I was half crazy. I probably have an outfit for everyday of the year and still have clothes left over. I can’t help it, I love to have choices! Winking smile


I ended up getting the Rivets Detailed Distressed Jeans, which were only $27.99. I usually wear these with boots, but decided to wear these today with a pair of stacked stilettos to see how they would pair together. They look better with a pair of kick ass boots. Nothing says punk rock like a pair of distressed jeans with sharp rivets sticking out of them.


I love that the holes in the jeans were so big. Usually distressed jeans are just tiny rips and tears throughout the jeans. This makes the jeans look really distressed. They aren’t blue underneath, I also got a pair of leggings (so I wore them underneath because it’s cold). There is mesh under the holes, so it isn’t just your skin shining through (the mesh also gives it a more edgy look).


The jeans are usually $55, so I was glad to see them 50% off. They fit European style, so I had to use the sizing chart. I ended up getting the 33-34 size, and they fit perfectly. If you don’t understand European sizing just click on the sizing chart. It’s always right beside “select a size”, so you can’t miss it.


I ordered a winter hat as well. The winter jacket I have doesn’t have a hood, so I wanted something that was going to keep me warm. The hat that I got sold quickly, so it isn’t on the website for purchase any longer.


It looks like a lumberjack hat and is EXTREMELY soft on the inside. It has the softest fur that you see on the brim, lined on the inside as well. I love the plaid mixture of grey & black, it looks so amazing with everything.

The hat was only $14-$15, I believe, so VERY reasonable for something so high in quality. The flap in the back can be turned up (like it is in the picture) or it can be turned down.

I also chose two pair of earrings, each pair uniquely different from each other! I love both pair, because of the quality and how cheaply priced they were.


I got the Asymmetric Spikes Earrings, which are only $11.99. These are asymmetric spike earrings that have 3 spike and a cuff on one earring and then one spike on the other.

I love that it has a aquamarine stud and then a turquoise rock between the stud and the spike. I have never seen earrings like this anywhere, so I was really excited to open them when they came!


There are two colors in these earrings, red and blue. I am more of a blue color person, so I chose those- but if you like red, they offer the variety. Winking smile


I also got these awesome long elegant feather earrings with the bead and turquoise detail at the end. I am in LUST with these earrings. They are absolutely beautiful. They aren’t on the website any longer either, because they sold out so quickly.

They look amazing whether I wear them to the office, to a school meeting, or a date with my kids’ dad. I love that they are so versatile. I am really really hoping to add more of their jewelry to my collection.

There isn’t a minimum purchase required and they have free shipping worldwide.

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Disclosure: This isn’t a sponsored post, products were sent for review purposes only. The opinions in this post are completely honest and not influenced in any way.


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