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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Beauty Review: Capriclear Natural Coconut Oil Spray Moisturizer

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CapriClear Natural Coconut Oil Spray Moisturizer is the first ever spray on moisturizer made with all natural coconut oil. It is hypoallergenic and is made for sensitive skin and those who suffer from Eczema. It is dermatologist formulated and tested.

Both of my kids have sensitive skin. Not OVERLY sensitive, but some fragrances in moisturizers cause them to turn red and get a mild rash. The only ingredient that this has in it is pure, simple coconut oil.. so there’s absolutely no need to worry about them breaking out or turning red from fragrances.


What makes it easier is that is has a spray top bottle. If you’ve ever had to chase kids down and flip open a bottle of lotion while trying to put it on them, you KNOW what I mean. It’s hard! They wiggle, they move, lotion gets everywhere. This just reduces the need for all that. Just take the cap off, spray them down, and smooth it in!

It is colorless and odorless, so there is no need to worry about clothing or anything getting stained because it dries really quickly. The hydration lasts for quite some time too, so there isn’t a need to reapply it all the time like a lotion.

Not only do the kids benefit from this, but I do as well. Where I go to the tanning bed on a regular basis, my skin needs to stay hydrated. The more moisturized your skin is, the better it will hold a tan and it will hold it for a longer period of time.

Since I’ve been going my feet tend to stay dry, REALLY dry. I’ve never had my feet so dry before. I’ve tried all kinds of different scrubs, lotions, and foot moisturizers and my skin just keeps peeling on my feet. I’ve been spraying this on my body and feet after I get out, and it’s been doing an amazing job keeping my skin moisturized.


CapriClear® does not contain steroids, emulsifiers, fragrances, animal products, artificial dyes, preservatives or other additives such as sulfates, parabens or toxins that can lead to skin irritation.

Connect: CapriClear on Facebook,& @capriclear on Twitter!

Buy It! You can buy the CapriClear for $16.99.


Jessica Renee


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