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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Tanning Lotion Review: Fiesta Sun Hot Cinna Buns


The delicious, mouth-watering aroma of fresh baked cinnamon buns in a bottle. Fiesta Sun Hot Cinna Buns is a fat free formula made with proven tanning accelerators, advanced hot action skin stimulators, mega vitamins and sugar cane bronzers leaves you speechless.


I’ve been using this divine concoction of a tanning lotion for over a month now. I was going to post the review before now, but I’ve had some set backs both in my personal and blogging life. The first thing I noticed with this lotion is the delicious almost edible smell.

They were right when they said it smelled exactly like Hot from the Oven Cinnamon Buns. I went early in the morning before a Dr. Apt to tan (and it was before I had eaten) and I swear I was fantasizing about Cinnamon buns, rolls, and cinnamon bread the entire time! It smells THAT good!


The lotion is a darker/khaki brown and goes on very smoothly. You don’t need very much at all to get the job done. If you overuse it, you’ll be sticky. Just stick to using what you need, it’s a very generous lotion in terms of use.


I love that it has a flip top bottle. It helps to get only the amount you need. When I get a lotion that doesn’t have one, I have to put some of it back in the bottle with the palm of my hand. You squeeze the bottle and gobs of it just comes out. That’s the reason I love the flip top. It only lets you squeeze out what you need, hence no wasting!

It has a combination of Accelerator/Bronzer/DHA in it, so it instantly bronzes the skin while in the tanning bed. The rich, deep, dark color it produces is stunning. The fact that it doesn’t take long to develop is astounding.


It’s because of the tanning accelerators, advanced skin stimulators, mega vitamins and sugar cane bronzers all mixed into one. Usually you don’t see a accelerators mixed in the lotions, you have to buy them separately.


I can get out of the tanning bed and immediately notice how moisturized and silky soft my skin feels after using this lotion. It has silicones in it, that’s the reason it softens the skin and makes it look and feel so healthy.

It does have a tingle in it, although it isn’t the kind of tingle that is going to leave your skin sensitive and hurting if you’re sensitive to tingles. I really like tingle lotions, and although this isn’t the strongest tingle lotion I’ve used, it’s still pretty on par for also having a bronzer in it!

DHA & natural bronzers for a deeper, darker, long lasting tan. Vitamins A, C & E for healthy looking skin. Exotic botanicals fight off free radical scavengers to help defy age. Isosorbide complex helps deliver benefits deeper into the skin.All the satisfaction, without any guilt!

• With Accelebronze

• Natural Golden Caramel Instant Bronzers

• Exotic Botanicals

• Vitamins A, C & E

• Pure Argan Oil

• Pure Milk Extracts

• Silicone Emulsion

• Tight and Firm Formula

• Paraben Free

Fiesta Sun has a variety different tanning lotions: be sure to check them out!

Buy it: You can buy the Fiesta Sun Hot Cinna Buns at your local tanning salon for $30.

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Jessica Renee



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