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Guided Products Review: Eco-Friendly Back to School Supplies


Have you ever walked down a store aisle, where all the products were different colors of the same thing and were made overseas from plastic? If so, expect to see Guided products in that aisle soon, kicking tail. If you make products on that shelf now, it’s time to rumble.

Guided Products are shooting up in the Eco-Friendly Office Supply niche. They develop their products with the consumers in mind, not just themselves. Sure they could be like all the other Binder companies making their products of cheap plastic and charge an arm and a leg for them.

Sure they could do this, but they don’t. Their standards are higher than that. They think about the planet that we are leaving to our children. Do you realize that those plastic binders end up in the landfill and take 5-10 years to fully break down? Guided products are made from recycled cardboard and after you use them, can be recycled AGAIN! That’s what matters to me!

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Guided Products was nice enough to send me the back to school essentials which consist of:

  • 1.5" ReBinder Select
    • Binder comes with tab dividers and RePouch insert
  • RePocket recycled pocket presentation folder
  • ReWrite recycled Journal 8x10 Graph
  • ReWrite recycled Journal 5x8 Ruled
  • ReWrite recycled Journal 3.5x5.5 Blank
  • iPad or Kindle Case


The first product I want to tell you about, of course, is the biggest. The 1.5” Rebinder Select. Just because the Guided Products selection of products are recycled doesn’t mean they are weak. FAR from it actually! They are 10x stronger and more durable than the regular plastic binders that are floating around today in my opinion.

I would have much rather had the Rebinder Select when I was in school instead of the plastic ones. These are made of solid chipboard that is 100 points thick, which is almost a 10th of an inch. It would take a TON of pressure to break the front or back off these binders, which I love.

As a writer and researcher I have (too) many binders in my house. I love learning and collecting information about all of my interests and hobbies. I always separate these interests by putting different subjects in different binders. SO, I know all about what I need and want in a binder.


The 1.5" ReBinder Select has the capacity to hold 300 pages. It is made out of super-thick, 100 pt chipboard. It is designed to withstand just about anything. It is very high quality, sturdy, and rugged,  It holds up amazingly under stress, unlike the plastic binders were all known to use. I don’t know how many times I’ve had the front rip off of a plastic binder and leave my work exposed.


I’m pretty sure the hulk would be the only one able to rip this baby apart. It’s rough and tough, can take a tumble, and will definitely last a long time. They are undeniably able to survive my constant flip, flip, flipping through all the pages. Reading this, highlighting that, adding notes to something I forgot.

I love the fact that I can just flip it open, find a page and start writing. Usually (with the plastic binders) I have to write whatever it is I want to write and THEN put it in the binder after it’s written. This is because the binders are so close together that when I try and write on a page it rips it at the hole punches.


I also adore the fact that I can design the cover, the back, and even the insides however I want. With the plastic binders you can’t do this. You can design sheets of paper or construction paper and insert them in the plastic sleeve, but it just isn’t the same! I love the way my pen will flow across the cover without any problems!

Get Yours: 1.5” Rebinder Select $7.99


Each binder also comes with it’s very own Repouch folder insert and 5 tab dividers. Usually you have to buy these separate , so them being included is already a plus. They are both made of the same recycled corrugated cardboard as the binder, they are just a little thinner.


I also love the fact that they are easy to customize however you want. The plastic tabs and folders aren’t so customizable, especially the tabs. The plastic tabs usually come with white overlay stickers. I don’t know about you but it’s extremely difficult for me to write on those stickers.

It either makes my writing extremely hard to read or my handwriting won’t fit. It won’t fit because a pen doesn’t usually show up too well and I have to end up using a sharpie. I’m glad that I can write on these without a problem, and I can actually read it later on.

Get Yours: Repouch folder insert $1.20 and 5 tab dividers $2.29

imageI also received a Repocket Presentation Folder. This is loved for the same reasons. The strength of the cardboard is 5x stronger than a normal folder. The customization factor- I can draw on it with markers, crayons, or pens. I can tape or decoupage pictures and/or magazine collages to every available space.


This folder is a presentation folder so it doesn’t contain the 3 ring holes that allow it to attach inside a binder. It does stand up amazingly when just slipped inside the binder. The other folders usually bend a little at the top, rip a little, or become frayed. This ones doesn’t, it fit rights inside without a problem!

It’s perfect for keeping all your notes together for a presentation, school, or work. It holds up to 20 pages on each side, so it could also be used as a bill organizer, weekly recipe round-up, or your kids lesson plans (for teaching them afterschool).


The Rewrite recycled Journal 8x10 Graph & Rewrite Recycled Journal Ruled are much of the same yet different. They both look like a cardboard version of the standard Composition books. The Graph Journal would be amazing for a math/algebra class or drawing something that needed to be straight and precise.


The Lined Journal is exactly like a regular composition notebook except the cover is blank instead of it already being designed for you. You can use this as a regular notebook, journal, or list maker.. it’s all up to you. The cover slides back easily though where a composition book doesn’t. It makes it hard to write on the left hand side if the cover doesn’t fold back all the way.

Get you One: 8x10 Recycled Notebook $3.00 a piece


The Rewrite Memo Recycled Notebook 3.5x5.5 is a blank notebook that is the size of a small pocket planner. You can easily slip this inside your purse, jeans pocket, or coat pocket to take it with you where ever you go!


I slip this inside my purse and use it as an inspiration journal. I don’t have a certain theme in mind when I start writing. I use it for blog post inspiration, story inspiration, quote inspiration, and as my craft project inspiration. It’s extremely handy to be able to write down a thought as soon as it pops out rather than forgetting it before I have a chance to write it down!


They also sent me a Cardboard Kindle Fire HD case. It is made of the same recycled corrugated cardboard that the binders and everything else is made of. It’s extremely strong and durable and holds up the tablet well.


It has a kickstand on the back, which is amazing. The Kickstand makes it easy to prop it up and play a game or read a book, take notes, or watch a video. It is all right on hand which makes it awesome!

Get YOURS: Cardboard Kindle Fire HD case $6.67





Get the Entire Guided Green Office Supply Sample Pack $24.99

Contents per Case: 14-piece recycled office supplies kit includes one of each of the following eco-friendly Guided products:

  • .5" ReBinder Select
  • 1" ReBinder Original
  • 1.5" ReBinder Select
  • 3 sheets ReBinder Label System for each binder
  • RePouch Slash Pocket Folder Insert
  • ReTab 5-Tab Divider Set
  • RePocket Folder
  • ReSleeve View CD Sleeve
  • RePlay CD Case
  • ReBadge Holder
  • ReWrite Mini 5" x 8" lined paper notebook
  • ReBound - covers for comb binding


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