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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Radiantly You Natural Products Review: Be Beautiful Naturally


Built out of necessity and desire to eliminate chemicals from their home, Radiantly You was founded by Melissa Brown, a Certified Holistic Health Coach and expectant mother. After researching the ingredients in some of the most highly used products in her home, Melissa was overwhelmed by what she found – toxic parabens, sulfates and {gasp} even fluoride?! Just like you, she wanted better, HEALTHIER options for herself and her family.

When I got a chance to review a couple of their products, I jumped on it. I love discovering new healthy skincare products. It really DOES make you rethink your body and hair care products when you look at the name brand labels and discover what is inside them. My skin deserves better than that and Radiantly You delivers.
radiantly you
They ended up sending me 4 products; a natural bar soap, body scrub, body butter, and chapstick. When I pulled these out of the box, they were individually wrapped in beautifully bright tissue paper. My immediate thoughts were luxurious, impressive, and lavish.
I love using handmade body products, I can always tell that love, hard work, and dedication are put into them. They aren’t manufactured in a large warehouse by machines! These are made by hand in small batches with absolutely no chemicals, additives, or dyes! All Natural baby! Smile
These will be amazing to have on hand during the cooler months. Forced heat and cold weather naturally dries out the skin. These natural products are a splendid way to add that moisture back into my body.
As soon as I unwrapped the gorgeously handmade Sweet Orange Soap Bar, my senses went into overdrive. The Sweet Orange smell has always been one of my favorites. It is deliciously scented and smells like a lightened version of a orange sherbet.
The soap contains orange peel zest. Not only does this add the orange scent into the sweet sugary vanilla aroma, but it is also a natural skin exfoliator.
I love how amazing my skin smells after using this soap. Although it’s a light scent, it lasts quite awhile on the skin. It is detectable yet it isn’t overwhelming. I love how moisturized and healthy it makes the skin look and feel.
Usually I’m not a bar soap type of girl, I go more for body wash. I’m not a huge fan of how bars of soap make my skin feel dried out and stripped of it’s natural oils. Even if I was constantly applying lotion, my skin still feels dried out and I don’t like that. This bar of soap is nothing like that though, I never get the stripped feeling- only moisturized. I couldn’t even tell that I hadn’t used a body wash. Awesome!
Get Yours: Sweet Orange Soap Bar $5 a bar
The Vanilla with Lavender Bud Body Scrub is amazing. Although I love Lavender scented candles, I’m not usually a fan of Lavender scented body products. The reason is that they tend to be very strong and produce a medicinal smell. This is something that DOES lavender right! Not overwhelming at all.

I have always been a huge fan of sugar scrubs. The sugar naturally exfoliates the skin and feels downright amazing and heavenly on the skin. It is so relaxing, therapeutic, and scrubs the old nasty skin cells off. Without scrubs those dead skin cells can take awhile to come off naturally.

This scrub is mixed with a natural glycerin soap, so you can exfoliate and cleanse at the same time. I really enjoyed the fact that the scrub wasn’t swimming in oil, because most of the time they are. The lavender buds inside the scrub gave it an all natural look, which is pleasant. I was really surprised to find that they felt like really tender pieces of cooked rice. I’m not sure what I thought it would feel like, but rice never crossed my mind. The exfoliation is nice because it’s never scratchy!

I really love using this before heading to bed. The lavender scent mixed with the sweet aroma of vanilla is extremely relaxing and helps me unwind after a long day. A little bit of this scrub really does go a long way, which is always a good thing- right?

I especially love to use this scrub on my feet. I’d had a huge bout of dry skin on my feet due to the tanning bed. Using this helped speed up the process of peeling that dry skin off and adding moisture back into my feet at the same time.
Get Yours: Lavender Bud Body Scrub $12.50

The Amber Vanilla Whipped Body Butter definitely helps your skin take a stand against dry, flaky skin. It smells absolutely delicious! The scent of Amber blended with a warm vanilla scent is absolutely heavenly. It reminds me so much of Victoria’s Secret Amber Romance. The scent lingers all day which makes me love it even more.

This is a handmade body butter, so of course the ingredients separate at times (in colder temperatures). When the body butter ingredients separate it can make the texture kind of thick and lumpy. So, what I do is run really hot water in the sink and submerge the tub of body  butter in it while I shower or get ready. When I get done, the ingredients have melted back together and feels so silky and luxurious!

It marvelously melts into my skin and instantly silkens it. My skin always feels so soft, supple, and moisturized when I use this body butter. It is a smooth, clean, light scent that is great for everyday use no matter what season!

The scent is amazing. I get so many compliments from people who think this is a lotion that I’ve just applied. When I tell them it isn’t a lotion and I had been wearing it for “X” amount of hours they look at me in disbelief. It is such a sensual, light scent that truly makes the skin gleam with healthiness.

It sinks in extremely fast, which I love. I don’t have to wait 10 minutes before I dress after getting out of the shower. I love that it doesn’t leave an oily Crisco like after feel like some butters do. It does feel a bit “slick” because of the essential oils inside the butter, but it slowly slips in the skin and you can’t tell. Another A+ product that I love!
Get Yours: Amber Vanilla Whipped Body Butter $12.50

They sent me the Orange Vanilla lip balm which gets me every time. I adore how his smells. It isn’t an overpowering orange citrusy smell like you would think. The vanilla in the mixture sweetens the orange and ends up with an orange dreamsicle type of smell. YUM.

For those of you who like yummy tasting chapstick that you can taste as it is applied to your lips- this isn’t for you. Although it smells heavenly, it doesn’t have a taste. It’s made with Beeswax, Shea butter, coconut oil, orange & vanilla essential oils so no added flavoring.

The beeswax in this chapstick makes it feel like it is staying more on top of my lips rather than sinking in. The shea butter and coconut do help to naturally nourish and moisturize the lips but I’d love for it to sink it. I feel like I have to constantly press my lips together to spread the chapstick back on my lips. I still love it though because of course- because it smells divine and contains only natural eco-friendly products which is a huge plus!
Get Yours: Orange Vanilla lip balm  $4.50
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About Radiantly You
Radiantly You was built by Melissa Brown, a work-at-home momma (mother to Noah – 2.5 yrs. old, Liam – 15 months old, and Lindsay - 1 month old) who followed her heart and her passion. Our company believes strongly in women having the opportunity to stay-at-home with their children WHILE making a fair living and doing something they love; we think every woman should get that option! Behind the scenes, maintaining the handcrafted quality of our products, are wonderful WAHM’s who are doing what they love AND staying home with their children. Feel good knowing that every purchase you make is going to support families across the country that are doing just that – building their own dreams.

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