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Saturday, October 4, 2014

25 Hilariously Epic Moving Fails


Have you ever driven through traffic and just seem something completely idiotic? Something that made you get in the other lane, or stay away completely? People tend to do really unthinkable things to get all their things moved in one trip, here are 25 of those epic times.
  • Sofacycle

    Image source
    It's going to be a long moving process for this motorcyclist. We hope he's not a keen pianist. Not only is his fingers going to get smashed, he might break that nose of his.. Flipped over isn’t even going to be the word for this. :/

  • Balancing Act

    Balancing Act
    Image source
    One sharp corner or speed bump and this mover is going to need a whole new garden set. I have no idea why people do this. Overloading can cause wrecks, and look at this goofball. He has taken “overloaded” into a whole new level.

  • Trailer Trash

    Trailer Trash
    Image source
    We hope the driver is taking it very, very steady as he tows a helper and a giant refrigerator along in a teeny tiny trailer. This might not end too well for that “helper”, he might end up the help before long wouldn’t you say? lol

  • Fridge Fail

    Fridge Fail
    Image source
    Another fridge, another brave fool staying strong against the odds in the pursuit of future cold beers. I mean, there’s nothing wrong with a cold beer, but do you really want a broken head to go along with it?

  • Oops!

    Image source
    A trip to Ikea is probably in order for the poor family moving house with this company. That stuff isn’t going to be mendable after that much of a power-slam on the concrete, now is it?

  • Dangerous Move

    Dangerous Move
    Image source
    This gentleman is making a very dangerous move here. One toppling mattress and he's a gonner. He isn’t on the driver side so he can signal the driver is something is tipping, pure genius in making right there!

  • Moving Overload

    Moving Overload
    Image source
    It looks like this mover has performed a pretty impressive balancing act, but we wouldn't want to be behind them on the motorway. That’s like praying for something to come crashing through your window. Here, want a bike for lunch? Nope.. well then carry on.

  • Pedal Power

    Pedal Power
    Image source
    Kudos have to be due to this cyclist. He's pedaling along with a full lounge suite. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen something so creative, or dumb.. either way?!

  • Moving Day

    Moving House
    Image source
    This family are taking moving their shed way, way too seriously. I can just see something bad happening, it isn’t even roped on the back half. I’m pretty sure they have no thought process at all.

  • The Optimists

    The Optimists
    Image source
    Do these movers think this is going to work? Really? Really? How do they seriously think they are going to be able to drive with a door hanging wide open? haha.

  • Appliance Surfing

    Appliance Surfing
    Image source
    Big truck or no big truck, we don't like the look of this tumble dryer transportation. I’d say they were definitely tired of the laundry mat.

  • Chest Crazy

    Chest Crazy
    Image source
    The individual responsible for this massive chest fail is just crazy. Hope they liked the scratched, beaten, half-there antique look, lol.

  • Moving Genius

    Moving Genius
    Image source
    There clearly are no limits to human ingenuity. Here's a man, in a boot, towing a fridge-freezer. Neat. Hopefully they don’t have to stop suddenly or he might eat a refrigerator. That one would be hard to explain to a dentist.

  • Sofa Situation

    Sofa Situation
    Image source
    But before you can start the transportation process, there's that tricky business of safe sofa removal... and count down to disaster. 3,2,1 please someone call 911, we have couch induced splattened man over this way.

  • Bad Start

    Bad Start
    Image source
    This is a very, very bad start (or end?) to moving day. I’d say someone needs their CDL’s jerked. Didn’t they understand the art of the moving truck providing less work? Guess not. Oh well.

  • Pian-oh-no!

    Image source
    Pianos are one of the most difficult items to handle in a move. These movers have struck the wrong note. I mean, I was almost sure that was a fishing boat for a second. Geez.

  • Strapping Lads

    Strapping Lads
    Image source
    These guys have done an extremely professional job with that strapping. Nice work. I’m pretty sure they would have strapped their car up there, if they could.
  • Motorcycling Bureau

    Motorcycling Bureau
    Image source
    When they tell you to contact to the motorcycling bureau, this probably isn't what they mean. I’m not even sure how he is keeping that bike balanced, that thing looks super heavy!

  • Sofa So Good

    Sofa So Good
    Image source
    So far, so bad - these guys have hit upon an early technical hitch in the moving process. I mean, I’ve gotten couches in some pretty awkward places, but come on.. lol

  • Family Last

    Family Last
    Image source
    It's important to get your priorities right when you're moving. Household items and motorbikes first, family last. Sorted. Sounds kind of mixed up huh? Hope they hold on super tight is all I have to say.

  • Mobility Scooter

    Mobility Scooter
    Image source
    With age comes great experience, which is why this OAP knows exactly how to use his mobility scooter to move house. I’m super glad he doesn’t have animals.

  • International Moving Fail

    International Moving Fail
    Image source
    Not everybody has the luxury of a nice, big TMF Removals lorry when they move home. Sometimes other modes of transportation are necessary.. That poor donkey just got to experience see-saw at it’s worst.

  • Pianoooooo!

    Image source
    We told you that pianos are always the first items to hit the deck. Do us a favour, get the professionals in, eh? Even the piano is upset, look at it’s sad face. :/

  • Abseiling Couch

    Abseilling Couch
    Image source
    We really don't think that this couch removal is a smart move. I predict a boom-kapow-splat and split couch, how about you?

  • Invisible Furniture

    Invisible Furniture
    Image source
    Of course, it could all be worse. You could be like this family whose movers completely failed to deliver their possessions one whole month after moving day. Fail. That is something I couldn’t deal with, I have to have my stuff!!
What’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen someone do while moving their stuff?
Move all your stuff safely and avoid any funny stuff with TFM removals.


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