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Diamond Candles Candy Corn #Fall Candle

Disclosure: I was provided a candle to review, all opinions are honest and completely my own.

Fall is here, and Halloween is right around the corner. When I think of Fall and Halloween, Candy Corn is definitely at the top of that list. I LOVE the smell (and taste) of Candy Corn, so I was super excited to get the Diamond Candle Candy Corn Candle


“Nothing announces the arrival of fall like the bright packages of candy corn spilling off store shelves. Fill your home with this sweet delight while you debate the proper way to eat candy corn: devour by each color layer or by the handful.”

It comes packaged very well for shipping, so there aren’t any worries that your candle is going to arrive broken or in a messy state. Diamond Candles wrap their candles in a cardboard insert that fits the candle perfectly and then bubble wrapped as well. Even the cardboard insert is 100% recyclable and biodegradable. Good to know they care about the environment! WIN for Diamond Candles!

The candles are made of high quality soy that is very fragrant and eco-friendly. The burn time for each candle is about 120 hours, and doesn’t let off soot like other candles. Plus the exciting “what kind of ring is in there?” reveal adds to the awesomeness as well.It’s like playing the candle lottery, who doesn’t want a chance to win a diamond ring? Plus, there are SO many fragrances to choose from, who could resist?

The candle smells absolutely amazing. Open a box of candy corn and get that whiff, that’s exactly what this candle smells like. It works amazing in smaller spaces, such as a bedroom, dining room, or bathroom. Larger spaces such as kitchen/dining room is too much space for one candle to circulate the fragrance, but 2 would definitely do the trick.

aluminum foil platic bag

The sticker placed on the outside of the candle, shows you exactly where the ring is inside the candle. The ring is placed in a small plastic baggy and then wrapped extremely tight with aluminum foil. Each candle contains a ring worth $10, $100, $500, or $1000. The rings are sized 6-8, the most common ring sizes.

diamond candles ring

My ring was kind of at the top, so it only took about 2 burning hours to reach it. I pulled it out with tweezers, and wiped the foil with a towel to get the wax off. The ring I got is very gorgeous, and is uniquely designed. I love it, although it isn’t one of the higher priced rings.

ring on

The only reason I know is because I am allergic to anything that isn’t real silver or gold. If I wear jewelry that isn’t real for very long, it breaks me out. I’m pretty sure it’s the nickel I’m allergic to. I can wear it for about 10 hours before my finger starts itching, so it’s great for wearing for a date night or something, I just can’t keep it on for long periods.

There isn’t a chance of you buying 2 rings and getting the same ring inside the candles. Diamond Candles does an amazing job of mixing it up. I’ve gotten 3 candles and each one was different and unique. So, go for it. You can search Diamond Candle coupon on Google and get $5 off and shipping on ANY candle is only $5. They have tons of sales, so most of the time you’ll only be paying $15 for a candle. That’s a win!

Which is your favorite scent from the Diamond Candles line?

I’m trying not to want to eat this one, haha.

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