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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Bodycology Toasted Sugar Bath & Body Products

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Bodycology Toasted Sugar ($3.99-$5.99; Walmart) “is a warm and sensual fragrance with an oriental blend of amber, brown sugar, and vanilla. The cozy, comforting scent wraps the body like a blanket by the fire.”

The warm blend of vanilla, brown sugar, and sensual amber creates a delicious, comfortable smell that I love. Bodycology has always been a favorite go-to body and bath products for me. They have a huge variety of scents, something for everybody. The Bodycology Toasted Sugar is definitely my favorite of them all, though.

I have always been drawn into the comforting, warm scented fragrances. I especially love amber infused scents (Amber Romance by VS) and toasted brown sugar (Warm Vanilla Brown Sugar). For Bodycology to add two of my favorite fragrance additives together was a total win for me (and pure genius for them) because I will ALWAYS buy this, hands down.

The scent is absolutely amazing. A lightly warmed brown sugar infused with the romantic extras of amber. It is a perfect choice for wearing on a daily basis, and isn’t overpowering in the least. The smell is so comforting and refreshing, it’s hard to resist. It reminds me of pure heaven and it is definitely rejuvenating!

I’ve gotten so many compliments on how great it smells, so I know I’m not the only one who thinks Bodycology may have also made the moon the stars. It’s not very often that EVERYBODY I get near compliment how I smell. The scent lingers but is light, so even those sensitive to fragrances aren’t bothered by this warm, delicious scent.

This isn’t something you have to re-apply every couple of hours. The scent lingers around, smelling amazing. It lasts all day, especially when it’s combined with the lotion and body wash. If you know someone who loves warm scents, this would make the perfect gift basket idea for them. Whether it’s a birthday present, holiday. or just “because”, they will be sure to thank you from the bottom of their hearts! Can’t go wrong with Bodycology!

The Bodycology Toasted Sugar Spray
The spray isn’t sticky at all. Some body sprays can be sticky when applied directly to the skin. It drives me nuts, but Bodycology has perfected the art of great quality with affordable prices. There is absolutely no stickiness or splotches on my clothing. Usually the alcohol in body sprays will drain the color from clothing (in the direct spray vicinity), but this one doesn’t AT ALL.

I’ve also noticed throughout the years that most body sprays contain an “alcohol” like smell at first, but this one doesn’t. Just pure sweetness from the start. No more trying to air out my clothing to get that overbearing alcohol smell out. I can just spray this and GO! I’ve even started spraying my pillow and room with this.. :) Wonderful isn’t even the word for this spray! Did I mention that it’s under $5? It definitely is.

The Bodycology Toasted Sugar lotion
This lotion is perfect. I love that it’s just the right consistency. It isn’t too thin and watery and yet it isn’t too thick and goopy. I say this rivals most higher end body lotions, I’d definitely choose this every time. This lotion is very moisturizing without making my skin feel sticky or greasy.

Usually people think that if they are looking for a budget-friendly lotion, they are going to get skimped out. Either they aren’t going to get a scent that smells that great, or the hydration isn’t going to be there. WRONG, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Bodycology gives both. Hydration with a lasting, amazing, delicious scent.

It’s because the main ingredients in this lotion are very beneficial to skin and keeping it hydrated (which is what keeps your skin looking healthy and young.) This lotion contains Aloe Vera which is very hydrating, shea butter which is very moisturizing, and the nourishment of Vitamins E & C.

The moisture is there from the time I put it on, until I go to sleep. I have really dry hands because I am constantly washing them (and dishes). I can put this lotion on and still feel the moisture AFTER I’ve washed dishes, which is weird because usually lotions never stay after all that dishwashing liquid.

I was surprised at how little I had to use to spread it on my entire body. One small handful covered my entire body (from head to toe) when I got out of the shower. I toss this in my purse and use it regularly throughout the day! I love it and don’t have to worry about lotion spilling out everywhere inside it. It’s packaged very well.

I even have severe dry skin on my legs (to the point where it causes small bumps in the fall and winter) if I don’t tan regularly. This lotion definitely keeps the dry skin at bay, while keeping me smelling great. No complaints this way!

The Bodycology Toasted Sugar body wash
Are you in need of a spa day, but don’t have the time? Be transported to your own spa day with the Bodycology Toasted Sugar Body wash. It’s super rich and luxurious, and definitely helps melt the stress away with it’s amazing comforting scent.

I can dribble a little into the running bath water, and wait for the delicious scent to fill the bathroom. I love kicking back in the bathtub and letting the stress melt away with hot water and this body wash. It is very foaming, so it’s also perfect to use as a bubble bath (and you don’t have to use very much at all.)

I love how creamy this is. I can use this with my body loofah and get the nourishment and exfoliation I need at the same time. There’s nothing like smelling amazing and feeling the same because this is a natural relaxant and rejuvenating to my skin. My skin feels so smooth and silky.

I have even put this in my daughters bath water as bubbles, and she loves it. She smells great for school (without it being too “adult” like a perfume would). The scent even lingers in the bathroom, giving it a naturally amazing smell. Another win.

The Bodycology Toasted Sugar exfoliating body scrub
After doing the hard-task of working from home, doing house chores, and being mom- it’s great to get some me time. I love how this scrub isn’t oily or greasy in the slightest, but yet it is hydrating and moisturizing.

There are tons of tiny exfoliating crystals within this scrub. It works amazing at buffing the skin, while scrubbing away dead skin cells and dirt. It leaves my skin leaving smooth, pampered, and luxurious. It has an amazing concentration of the Toasted Sugar fragrance. Not too overwhelming (for those who can’t be around strong scented products) It is a gentle scrub that gets the job done, while allowing you to smell it on your body even 24 hours later.

I definitely love using this on my feet. It leaves the skin so soft and smooth. It also takes the strain away from being up and running around doing house work and running errands. It feels great on sore muscles, working the scrub back and forth definitely takes away the pain.

Relaxation at it’s best. You don’t need very much at all. The jar it comes in is very wide mouthed, so it makes it easy to get even the last drop of crystals from the bottom. You can rub this straight into your skin with your hands, or put some on a loofah with a spoon. A teaspoon will be enough! :D

I love the quality of Bodycology products. Even though they are affordable, they don’t cop out with cheap ingredients. They give us the most affordable body and bath products on the market that don’t SMELL or FEEL like other products in the same price range (or even those in a higher price bracket.) Bodycology will always be at the top of my list for all bath and body products, they’ve never failed me once- all their fragrances are amazing.

The best part is that everything in the collections is under $10 and can be found at Walmart or Target.

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