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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

MyCharge.com Energy Shot Portable Rechargeable Smartphone Charger

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Holiday season is near, which means it’s time to stock up on gear. The upside of living in a tech world with so many digital devices such as tablets and smartphones is knowledge. We have so much potential lying at our fingertips just waiting to be typed into a search engine. We can read as many books as we want without lugging around all those books.The downside is that they die, unlike books.

I am a reader by nature, I love to read. I spend most of my time reading. I love to learn but when I’m waiting at the doctors office I just can’t whip out a textbook and read it. I mean, I CAN but I can’t stick in my purse can I? My smartphone is my lifeline as a writer, so don’t need the battery drained and no way to charge it. I also let my kids play games, read books, and do learning apps on my phone, so that means extra drainage.


Now I don’t have to worry about it. The My Charge Energy Shot is the right name for this portable battery charger. It’s about the size of a real energy shot, which is amazing. I can carry this even in the smallest pocket of my purse. There are other battery chargers out there, but I don’t think I’ve seen one quite this small before. It works efficiently, quickly, and takes up almost no space. WIN!


The Mycharge Energy Shot comes in different colors, but I received the black one with the silver tip. It resembles a larger version of an AA battery, which is pretty cool. Silver on one end, black on the other. It retails for about $25 and comes with 9+ hours of talk time (while being connected to your phone) and 7+ hours of browsing on a 3G network. My phones are both 4G so we get about 5.5-6 hours of browsing when we’re connected. Just depends on what your phone browsing network is.

It is nothing short of amazing. Big punch in such a small device. It works with any smartphone, which is also a win. I have a Galaxy S4 & my hubs has a Nokia Lumia Icon and it charges both very quickly. My phone was on 35% and I really needed to do some research for a craft piece I’m working on. I connected this and it was 40% within 5 minutes of me scrolling and reading a ton of websites which was pretty cool.

I love that it doesn’t get got when it’s charging, which makes it easier to place in a hoodie or jacket pocket. It has multiple levels of protection from getting overheated and spazzing out or shortcirciting. I absolutely love that it has a light indicator at the top of the battery. It shows different colored lights depending on how charged it is. Makes it so much easier to know when it needs to be plugged up. I don’t unexpectedly have to deal with a dead phone AND dead charger, whew would that be horrible.

There are three way that this can be recharged. It comes with a short recharging cord, but my Galaxy S4 charger recharges it as well. Just place the smaller side of the USB cord into the mycharge port. You can then attach the other larger side of the cord to a computer USB port, a car charger port, or even a wall charger port. Simple and easy with a variety of options, my kind of amazing right there.

Adam loves this mycharge Energy Shot. He works 12 hours at a factory and it gets extremely boring. He doesn’t work somewhere where there could be emergencies, so they are allowed to wear headphone earbuds in one ear. He listens to music and football/basketball games while he works, so it can drain his battery throughout that 12 hours. He gets an hour lunch, so he also watches movies on his phone, so that drains the battery life as well.

He was having to put the phone in the truck after his lunch break (connected to our car charger) so that he could use it later on in the night. We have a portable phone charger but it’s actually pretty big. It isn’t something he could connect and put in his pocket, to charge while working though. This one he said is perfect. He can connect this one, putting both his phone and the charger in his pocket without it being bulky.

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