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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Ocean Adventures Not to Miss with Your Family


If you’re getting away to a warmer climate this winter there are plenty of ocean adventures you can enjoy. Sailing, kayaking, surfing, and building a sand castle are just a few activities that you can do. If the entire family is coming on the trip pack the right clothing and accessories. Bring plenty of tee-shirts, sweaters, and waterproof gear. Also don’t forget about flip flops and closed toed shoes that will protect feet from rocks depending on the activities you plan to do. Besides what to bring it’s important to have fun! Enjoy your time away and look forward to ocean adventures you won’t forget.

Out to Sea on a Sailing Yacht


          Image Source: Wikimedia Commons; Yacht

If you don’t know how to sail on your own you can join a group on a sailing yacht. While on board you will need appropriate shoes. Reef Coastal Cruisers are quality boat shoes that are made with a vulcanized mid sole tape for added durability. Choose your boat shoes accordingly for the entire family and also layer your clothing. If you don’t own a sailing jacket start layering with a tee-shirt followed by a sweater and then a water proof jacket. You can take a layer off if you get warm but depending on the season you will most likely be cool so wear enough clothing during this adventure.

Once you’re on the boat you’ll be amazed of the size. Some yachts are 51 feet, which is ample room for you to explore but still be careful when you’re out to sea! Ask the person in charge if you can take the helm. You’ll love being in charge temporarily. Also relax under the covered cockpit, and don’t forget to watch wildlife up close from the bow or take it all in from a private setting on the deck.

Kayaking to an Island


            Image Source: Wikimedia Commons; Kayaking

Depending on where you vacation kayaking to an island may be available. Enjoy this grand adventure with a family member as you make your way to a sandy island that you can explore. Once you’re out of the kayak explore the sandy dunes. However, don’t take your shoes off because depending on the day your feet may burn on the sand. A little girl should wear girl’s essential shoes that keep her feet protected. Have her wear flip flops made with an EVA construction with anatomical arch support.

Building a Sand Castle


Image Source: Wikimedia Commons; Sand Castle

Building a sand castle with your kids never gets old. Have a beach day with your family and bring all the supplies your kids need to build a fun sand castle. Of course they can just use their hands, but plastic castles that they can fill with sand can help them build a sand castle more quickly.

When having a beach day it’s important to put sunscreen on your little ones. They should also wear durable flip flops so that their feet won’t burn. Just like with sailing layering is important. The day may start out cool but later get really warm. Having a swimming suit, a tee shirt, sweater, and even waterproof gear will prepare you for any weather situation. Have fun on your ocean adventures by being prepared and making long lasting memories with your family!


What would you do out on the ocean if time or money wasn’t a factor? Let me know!




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